Friday, 31 July 2015

Another Trio...

I have finished another trio of hand-stiched Amitié BOM blocks, that just leaves 3 more to go…

… then I have to appliqué all 11 of these, and the 11 hexie-star circles onto background squares.  I have a cunning plan of cutting up a silicone baking tray for my pressing template - I butchered a cupcake one for the little circles on my #mysmallworld and it worked a treat.

I also have a 100 or so more hexies to baste and appliqué onto 8 border strips, and the birds to tackle.  I am loving the slow pace, but the birds are really going to test me!


  1. What wonderful work you do on your quilts. The girls do look cute with their hair cuts. And I feel sorry for you sleeping out there in the cold. You may need better sleeping bags. Or maybe an electric heater! lol

  2. I especially love these... more details on the cupcake sheet?!

  3. Looking good. I love EPP but not keen on appliqué. x

  4. Fab fabric choices! Very happy!

  5. I need to know more about this baking tray thing you do!


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