Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Neighbour Hates Me...

...but I don't care!!!

Long story short; three separate deliveries whilst I was at work yesterday, 3 little red cards for me, 3 times off her or her husband's lazy arses to answer the door to the postman!

The fact she was on the phone the whole time that she was handing over the goods, and I didn't twig at first that the moaning was directed at me, meant I just grabbed the goodies and got home as fast as my legs could carry me.  Apparently her husband was trying to work at home... like he was on Wednesday probably, when all I could hear was his golf putting practice in the garden!  Pah!

So here's the loot...

Warning - you will be jealous!

And here's what was inside...

March Brit Bee goodies from Jo; I'd eaten the chocolate before I had finished opening the rest - I needed the energy!

Then some reading material...
This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Then more material...

White (it's there, honest), Dresden and Pomegranate Klona
And then the parcel to end all parcels!  Back in the New Year I won a giveaway over at Amy's Glitter, Vinyl & Thread; now I won't embarrass Amy with the whys and wherefores, hee hee, but her parcel finally made its way to me, and boy did she spoil me rotten!

Here are the giveaway prizes, wonderful Melody Miller coasters,  Japanese craft books and a sweet purse, there may have been mention of a few sweets and bits'n'bobs also...

Here's the 'also'...

Too much to fit on the lid!

And if these weren't enough, there was this - oh I should have videoed the happy dance!!

I was, and still am over the moon!!  Amy you are the best!

Oh, and just so the postman didn't get withdrawal symptoms from our door, he popped some DS from JoAnns courtesy of wonder Di through this morning...
I know I am lucky, so today I have been doing something for others; but more on that tomorrow x

Friday, 30 March 2012

Most Amusing...

Today, please pop over to my lovely friend Annabella's for a change of scene.


She lives in Morocco, don't you know; makes the most vibrant and amazing quilts, photographing them and her awesome surroundings and in turn, making those of us in less exotic locations rather green with envy.

I go everywhere by-plane!
I flew over for a chat, (oh how I wish), and she, in best journalistic tradition, recorded one of our private conversations and has plastered it all over this here interweb!


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Finish-along - First Quarter!

Crikey, it was only when I typed 'first quarter' that it struck home how far into 2012 we are already, phew!

So back in the grey, cold times of January, I posted my Finish-along hopes and linked up with Rhonda.

2012 Finish-A-Long

I know I only chose three things, and as it turns out, I only finished one... but it was a great one!

This quilt adorns our bed, and just because I haven't mentioned it in about a week - I LOVE IT!

I did finish piecing the hexies though...

And I did do some sashing on the Mystery Quilt...

So I guess they can carry over into the next quarter.

In my defence, I have made a lot of other things in the last 3 months; these were my January and February mosaics, in case you doubt my commitment to my art!

March has shaped up quite nicely too, but you'll have to wait until Sunday for that; I am trying to cram in another finish or two before then; although my atrocious hand stitching on my Fat Quarter Retreat name tag may just mean a couple of days of frustration!

Thanks again to Rhonda for trying to rid me of my WiPs; unfortunately I think I have more now than ever!  How have you done with your finishes?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Good Day Sunshine...

I had a lovely day.

All kids in school, and a non-volunteering day, so straight home before 9am for an hour and a half of gardening in the most amazing Spring weather.  I don't actually garden per se, but I gathered up a wheelie-bin full of dead stuff, so it is starting to look less bedraggled, and that's the main thing.

I then completed the piecing of my Stained quilt top.  Have you seen Susan's?  I love her wider border, so I sat in the sun and unpicked the two sides I'd already done, and then got the rest sewn up...

I need to order some more white for my BIG borders, as I want a continuous strip on the longer sides which is more than I have on hand, but no problemo.

Then I sat in the sun for an hour before going back to school.  My kind of day!

So now I have company again and things aren't so peaceful, but that's OK too; it's amazing what a bit of me time can do!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Thinker's Block...

The penultimate FPPFTT is done.  This Calico Grove block was a hard one.  Not the piecing, but getting my head round the cutting required to make up the alternate colour placement that I wanted.

There were a few hairy moments when I thought it was all going horribly wrong, but I persevered, and by some fluke it all worked!

I have to show you the back, it needs another press, having just pulled out all the paper, but I want to prove I can be tidy when I want to be.  You may have noticed that I even used 'good' fabric for this one, how confident was I feeling when I started it eh!? 

This is not a block I would want to make more of, nothing to do with how it looks, but it was just too stressful and required way too much thinking time; I am a fickle stitcher!

The final week looks fun though - a rocket block; I think I know someone who will be staking a claim on that one.  Thanks again Katy for pushing me onwards and upwards x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Ooh La La!

I have just finished last week's FPPFTT, but it's too late to photograph, so tonight I'll just flash my knickers instead!

When we were at my parents' on Saturday, my Dad gave me a few keepsakes of my Grandma's, including a couple of scarves that my Grandpa had bought in Paris, which had been kept in their original paper bag since the 50s or 60s!

Unfortunately too much sunshine meant I found it hard to get any decent photos...

...but this was just too cool not to show you!

Back tomorrow with some proper sewing to show for your trouble x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Busy Doing Nothing...

Yesterday was taken up by a wonderful lunch with my parents, some relaxing in their garden and then home later, totally worn out.

A combination of losing an hour with the clocks springing forward last night, having to give the house a once over, doing a few loads of washing and getting the shopping all this morning, and then wanting to make the most of the glorious sunshine this afternoon, has put all crafty doings on hold.

So today I can only offer you half a Stained...

I need to cut more skinny sashing, I stopped the other night when I ran out of usable lengths.

I think I need to get some sewing done this evening though, as it's been a few days and I might forget how to do it!

Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely weekend wherever you are, and whatever you have been doing xxx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Farmer's Wife - Get a Life!

My wives have had a rather terrible existence, confined to a box with only each other for company - sounds like a movie or some terrible story you see on the news.

Anyhow, Sunni over at LoveAffairWithMyBrother hatched a rescue mission for these neglected old ladies and has just finished running the brilliant Farmer's Wife In Your Life series.

Farmer's Wife in Your Life

Unfortunately I had to decline doing a tutorial as it all came about in mid-terrible February and I wasn't really up to committing; however this week, whilst the kids were happy being ill in front of the TV, I grabbed my least dreary old dear and gave her freedom!

I decided right away that I wanted to use as few additions as possible, making nothing bigger than the original 6" block.  Not a lot of scope there really, but a challenge none the less.

Now, in the winter, I favour flannel pyjamas as evening attire. We have leather sofas, so when I am hand stitching a binding or trimming threads, I tend to use my knee as a thread catcher, needle-saver etc.  All well and good, works a treat!

But now it is getting warmer, my winter 'jamas are almost ready to be put away for 6 months and I need a simple replacement.   So here, may I present my Calico Puzzle Threadcatcher.

I used a square of lightweight wadding, and some flannel for it's awesome sticky powers and added a little felt for the needles.  A hairband and button to hold it all together, and now I have a wife with a purpose!

I kind of like it, and know I will use it, but it is giving me a little too much FUNC flashback to be confident about it!

So have you got any rogue Wives in need of a makeover?  Check out the wonderful tutorials and if you make something, link up with Sunni and you could win prizes! 

Laurie Aaron Hird, author of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book and Michele Foster from Quilting Gallery are the judges!  So I have potentially embarrassed myself in front of more than the regulars (again)!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Sewing the Seeds of Love...pt2

OK, pure gluttony of a fabric flavour just because it's Friday...

I am so in love with all these FMF prints, even the red and browns, before you raise an eyebrow!

Poor husband already requested something made of the grey seeds; he was duly told to sling his hook!

I meant to gloat show you these earlier in the week, but with all the 'ick and hiding from the taggers, they got overlooked.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...
The kids could grab the quilts, I'd get the stash and hubby could get everything we actually need! 

If I was undercharged in a 'great' shop, I would speak up, as much as it would pain me - but if it was an over-priced, rudely-staffed store where I'd been queuing for ages, then you wouldn't see me for dust! 

Thank you for all your responses - I think we can pretty much call ourselves perfect customers, well all except Lolly! x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Game Over!

I have been tagged at least 4 times, so I picked out some of the questions, and tried to sound just a little bit interesting!  I am not playing by the rules, I haven't got the stamina, sorry folks!

Katy – The Littlest Thistle
What is your favourite book ever?
The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving, or everything by Douglas Coupland or Janet Evanovich.

I've come round for dinner - I don't like fish, lamb or avocados, and am deathly allergic to bananas and kiwi fruit, so what are you making me? (and no Susan and Hadley, you are not meant to be trying to kill me ;o) )
I wouldn't be poisoning you on purpose!  You'd get the same as everyone else, chilli, and if you ate it all nicely, you might get some ice cream or watermelon for pudding!

I've won the lottery and I'm buying all my friends one special gift, what would you like?
Oh congratulations; I'd like the rental paid on a little studio, maybe one of those farm units that rent space.  Somewhere I could call my own, spread out and sew in peace.  But then I could also lock the door, come home and have full-on family time.  Thank you x

You have a day to spend with anyone you like in the world, who would it be?
Apart from my husband, or close family, I would like to spend a day with Kirstie Allsopp; I don't care what we would be doing, crafting, looking at houses, teasing Phil; the woman is amazing!

Karen - Lisnaweary Quilts
What is your most treasured possession?
My wedding, engagement and eternity rings, and our wedding photo album.

What was your favourite subject at school?
Maths, Statistics and Geography.

Who is your favourite singer/group?
Of all time, REM, playing on my iPod, Gotye; who I’d want to come round for a BBQ?  The Foo Fighters!

Sarah – Narcoleptic In A Cupboard
Who did you blame for your last public fart?
I don’t fart in public, how very dare you, but at home, it’s usually one of the teddies!

Who is your Dr. (who)?
Tennant 100%

If you don the ruby slippers and click your heels etc, where you gonna end up?
In Spotlight with my sister in Wellington!

What was the last thing that totally grossed you out?
Picking pasta puke off the kids’ sheets!  You asked!

Toni – Hoosier Toni
How did you meet your current partner/ love interest?
At work – an office romance!

If you had to pick a favorite quilt, which one would it be?
My Constellation is still up there, for now; however I am planning a FMF one at some point, and that may tip the love, but only for the fabric, mentally the Constellation might not be beaten – well, not until next years!!

Do you have any pet peeves that you don't mind sharing?
I don’t suffer fools, and can be very impatient; I am stretched to my limit at work when people just ‘don’t get it’ and I have to keep a smiley face, and explain, again, for the 5th time!

So now, because I do not believe for one second that I am the only one who wants to get off the computer and get on with some sewing, two questions for you all…

What would you send your kids back inside to save from a fire…your quilts or stash?
You get seriously under-charged for some fabric in store, do you speak up?

Playtime over x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Not one to miss out on the fun without good reason, even two (yes 2!) sickly children couldn't stop me pulling together my bundle for Katy-Monkey Do and Brenda-Pink Castle's latest challenge.

Along similar lines to Laura (Quokka Quilts) and the Fat Quarterly competition, I have pulled a completely different look this time.

Contrary to popular opinion, I love pink; but twin girly-girls sometimes make me wish never to see that particular colour ever again - but combine it with yellow and the sickly-sweet edge is banished!

Starting with the gorgeous Joel Dewberry' Rose Bouquet as my key fabric, these are my choices...

If you haven't selected a bundle, and put yourself in with a chance of winning it, then pop over to Katy's and join the fun; you have until the 31st March xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eyes on the prize...

Here's it is...

I wouldn't let you down now would I!?

So by the magic of Mr Random Number Generator, I am pleased to declare the winner:

Trudi it's you!  I'll get it in the post to you soon xxx

It's been a day of ups and downs, and to be honest you are lucky I made it here at all! 

I am fresh from cleaning up the mess left by a vomiting 5 year old - I think she has taken a dislike to the anti-biotics; but on the plus side, my second parcel of FMF arrived - but never the twain shall meet!

I have made my selection for Katy and Brenda's contest, pulled a few fabrics for the next FPPFTT, and been tagged!  I will work on getting all that out there over the next few days.

But for tonight, I am going to sit here, watch TV, and pray for quiet night of sleep for all.