Monday, 27 July 2015

Beat the Clock...

As someone who is never late for anything, school, meetings or Bee commitments, I am finding it difficult to come to terms with having to play catch up with so many projects at the moment.

OK, so the 'deadlines' are arbitrary, and I don't even care about not being first, but I hate feeling like I am behind.

Daft I know.  But as I am commitment-free over the summer, sewing-wise, I am going to make a concerted effort to get up to speed with my #mysmallworldqal and the Amitié Mystery BOM and then get on with finishing my Brit Bee Medallion.

Finishing the borders on that should not take long at all, but as I am going to hand-quilt it, I was kind of hoping that the hot weather would make it a little uncomfortable over the holiday; but I actually have socks on today as I am so cold, but that's got to be completely unseasonal eh!?

I hand-sewed up a few more Amitié blocks over the weekend, and on the bumpiest train ride to London on Saturday I managed to baste a few more of the hexies, so that is slowly moving in the right direction.

Yesterday I prepped a bit of #mysmallworld, and today I managed to complete and join Section 2…

I heart appliqué now, appliqué is cool.
Loving this so much...

I am trying not to over-think it, otherwise it would take forever; some of my fabric positioning is not perfect, but as the quilt grows, I know I won't care, the overall look is coming together and I am excited to keep at it.

The kids on the other hand are starting to go a little stir crazy; we had a few hot weather day-trips all planned, which have been put on hold, so the certain excitement this week will be in the form of haircuts for the girls, and a trip to Sainsbury to pick up some new school uniform.  Well I wouldn't want to spoil them! x


  1. MSW is looking fab! Hope we get some decent weather sometime!!!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the applique! Looks like you are meant to stitch more given the weather

  3. Your MSW is coming along great! Rushing stuff makes it less enjoyable.

  4. It looks gorgeous! Glad your'e enjoying the journey as well as the destination!

  5. I hope you have set away some time to just be still this summer. I know that feeling of always wanting to be first and not let anyone down. Take a deep breathe and relax, says the woman who needs to take her own advise 😘


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