Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I am exhausted!

This morning we (synthetic, aka plastic) ice skated, which was good fun; no bruises for me...

Maybe the kids will have a few in the morning, but they probably won't notice whilst still on the sugar high, the result of a Halloween party afternoon, followed by an hour and a half trick or treating with their friends...

My friend and another adult shuffled 16, yes 16, five to eight year olds round the houses until it started raining.  I bet you would have loved to have opened the door to us!

I am going to watch Michael Palin in Brazil and put my achy feet up.  Our internet and email are playing up, so you may not even get to see this, but fingers crossed the Blogger ghoolies are playing nicely tonight xxx

Tuesday 30 October 2012


Now you will have read very similar posts from my fellow Mouthy Stitches mamas recently, saying how 'mama-ing' in a swap totally takes over and you don't really get the chance to think about what you will receive as you are too busy making sure everyone-else is merrily posting and receiving.

Well today it was my turn to do the happy dance and take photos of a wrapped parcel and the contents much to the amusement of the family.  It is like CSI when anything lovely arrives - photos from all angles before I am allowed to handle the goodies!

As soon as I saw Eva's name on the back of the package I was over the moon; I knew exactly which tote bag was inside and honestly I could. not. be. happier.

You will have to excuse the photos, it was really bright outside, but I won't complain about that after the last few dismal days.

The beautiful paper-piecing is perfect, the grey wool is just gorgeous and there's a cute divided pocket, sweet embroidery and FMF - could I ask for more?!  OK, just totally damn wonderful key fob too?!  Double check!

This tote got temporarily 'lost' after it was completed - I am so so pleased Eva found it - scatty moments aside, Eva is super talented and the perfect partner, ( I am open to bribes for MS3!).

Thank you again Eva, it is perfectly me, and has already had a trip out to swimming today, and tomorrow it will get to go ice skating!

I do want to add that this round has been amazing; all the totes in the flickr pool are stunning, and I would have been happy to receive any of them, and I think everyone in the group should be really proud. 

I went into this swap very sad and distracted, hoping that the organising and momentum would give me something more fun to concentrate on; it was hard, very hard, but so worthwhile.  All the happy messages popping up now as we receive our totes, makes me realise that the small things in life my not be important in the scale of things, but they sure make the crappy times prettier.


Monday 29 October 2012

Some calm...

Half term has swung into town; we have already successfully school-shoe-shopped, car-MOTed and turned up the central heating.

I won't complain about the weather (for once), because I know there are a lot of friends battening down the hatches for real tonight, and a bit of gusty drizzle here really is nothing in comparison.

Last night I got as far as ironing on the transfer for the next embroidery I want to attempt from Aneela's book, but then I could not resist the call of the hexies again.

So I decided instead to immediately start making my Mum a cushion for Christmas; I routed about and opted for a calm, low value selection to match the decor of her bedroom, I enlisted the help of my Szzix-winding princesses and got this far...

So now I am all set for my TV-watching, swimming lesson and ballet-waiting moments again.

To my East Coast American friends, be safe xxx

Sunday 28 October 2012

Strip Teasing again...

As hoped, I managed to finish my next strip for the secretive Stitch Tease Bee this week.

Danny has pretty much given us free reign on what to make, so free reign is what she's getting!

Can't show you a lot, after all, it is a tease by name, and tease by nature!

I am now all caught up; the next sewing 'session' of this Bee runs from December 1st to Feb 1st 2013!  I think I will be able to meet that deadline.

The secret commission is also now complete, all bound and threads buried, the nice cosy task I had hoped for; I think I might have to start another embroidery later as I seem to have finished all my portable, TV-friendly projects, which is where I am feeling the need to be right now, quelle horreur!

Saturday 27 October 2012

Party Time!

Well I successfully got the birthday purse made this week, in time for the little princesses to take it to their friend's party this afternoon....

Sadly, before wrapping, the weather was less than considerate of blogging photographs, but you get the gist...

The Open Wide pouch is definitely my new favourite make, and with a little embroidery for the birthday ballet-girl, it was a complete hit, especially when filled with chocolate coins.

And whilst quietness prevailed this afternoon, I basted, quilted and attached the binding to the secret commission quilt.  I am looking forward to hand-finishing the binding in front of the TV tonight.  The heating has been on all day and cosy stitching is definitely needed.

We didn't get any snow unlike some, but I think temperatures peaked at a dizzy 7 degrees!  I hope everyone is suitably attired, (flannel 'jamas for me), and comfortably crafting this weekend xxx

Friday 26 October 2012

BQF Fall 2012

Amy's Creative Side

Well I do have new stuff to show you, but that can wait.  Instead I am linking up with Amy's fabulous Blogger's Quilt Festival.  So welcome to everyone and anyone who may have only popped by for that very reason.

I have looked back over the last 6 months or so, and have indeed finished a few full sized quilts, but this time I wanted to revisit one of my favourite Minis.

I loved making for my partner in Brit Quilt Swap 2 this summer.  I was determined to make something a little different, and Dark Side of the Pond was sewn...

BQS3 block

I machine-pieced 4 of Wendy Hill's Arrowheads from 99 Modern Blocks, using scraps that matched my partner's great taste.  All those Y-seams meant I was prepared for a complete fail, but no!  They all came out perfectly; I bet I couldn't do it again though!

BQS front
The perfect Tula Pink Frog Prince took prime position, obviously!
I love this little chap, and I know Reene does too - the mark of a perfect swap I'd say.

I hope this little Mini has made you smile.  I think I might need to whip up another at some point; I'll add it to my To Do list after I have checked out the awesome quilts that have already linked up.

Thanks so much Amy for getting everyone together again x

Finished quilt measures : 19.5" x 19.5″
Special techniques used : Y-seams and blind faith.
Quilted by : Me - nice 'n' simple straight lines with my walking foot in about 20 minutes.
Best Category : Doll/Mini Quilt, Scrap Quilt

Thursday 25 October 2012

Random Bobbins

Well in two months time I know I will be filled to the brim with turkey and mince pies and in no fit state to move; and in one months time I will have 4 out of the 5 family birthdays under my belt and will be able to start thinking properly about the festive blow out!

In the meantime, here's some random pretty bits from my day...

A parcel from Heather Ross, (I cut her autograph signature off the packaging - I am that sad!); my studio sale goodies arrived and I am really pleased with my sweet little bundle.  Two FQs of sock monkeys and peg dolls, two fussy cut samples, a notepad, 1/2yd of Echino and my very own munki munki vest!!!  Happy me!

You can also see my son's pumpkin baby-face, the leaves spreading at quite a rate up the road and over the neighbour's garden, and some text prints courtesy of bad bad influence Brenda!

Only 4 1/2 hours more work until the week off; the little purse is already made and the hexies are ready for stage two, not bad for an evening's work.

Linking tenuously with Cindy's Really Random Thursday x

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Autumn view...

I can't show you what I was working on today, as it is a commission that I am not at liberty to reveal until the new year; but lets just say I cut and pieced 25 blocks and made them into a sashed quilt top all before school finished.

I did stop to rush outside during the few minutes when the fog and drizzle cleared and the colour of the leaves needed to be recorded for prosperity; I expect they will have all dropped and blown away, (well, into next door's garden) by the weekend...

If the weatherman has it right, and dry, bright but cold weather is coming, I'll be happy.

In the meantime, I plan to have a purse made for a 6 year old's birthday party, the next Stitch Tease strip finished and hopefully another hexie project under my belt before half-term.   Wish me luck!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Tula Pinkushion

When sweet Queen of Bags Sara started the Tula Pink Sewalong I knew I wanted to play, but I also knew that I couldn't commit to a whole quilt.

You may remember that I bought the beautiful Quilts From The House Of Tula Pink as soon as it was released, and I had been toying with a couple of the patterns for my second round of Brit Bee in the new year, but one smaller project immediately sprung to mind for this.

The Lollipops Pillow.

Having just finished my Girl On a Swing and gigantic Spring Carnival only recently, the family and sofas are a little over-cushioned right now, so I figured I should just make something for the one person here who really appreciates my stitchy obsession...me!

So I decided to scale it down and make a pin cushion, a Tula Pinkushion!!!

It's positively glamorous and probably not the most practical, but I don't care, it's got sparkles, covered buttons and a froggy prince.  Did I mention, sparkles!?

There's still time to add your recent TP projects to the flickr group; either using Tula Pink fabric, or a Tula Pink pattern, or both like mine, to be in with the chance of prizes, oh yes.

And this little froggy also marks another tick on my FAL list - hurrah!  Win win x

Monday 22 October 2012

Manic Monday...

Well probably mostly manic in my head; although that makes me sound a bit loopy, and trust me, I have encountered a totally new level of nuttiness today and I am exhausted.

So to show that everything is really alright in the world, here are the lovelies that I bought from Dana last week...

Christmassy or Italiano?
Tula Pink, Sketch and Denyse Schmidt, oh my pretties!

Dana was, in fact still is having a mega-destash; so UK peeps pop over and see if anything takes your fancy... except you Jan, you better not look!

And in other happy news, my Mouthy Stitches tote travelled at the speed of sound and arrived with its new owner this morning - I will let my partner blog her undying love and gratitude before I tell you about her; and it is only now that I remember that something super will be coming my way too!!!

Sunday 21 October 2012

As one swap closes...

...another opens.

As proud Mamas, Susan, Cindy and I are busy checking, ticking and relying on the postal services of the planet, now the Mouthy Stitches totes have started travelling round the globe.

Over on the other side of the world, Kat is organising a cool Scrappy Swap.

Scrappy Swap coming soon...

Nice low pressure, FQ of scraps, small scrappy handmade gift and a local delicacy with a quick turnaround.  If you think you might be up for it, I believe there are still spaces, so check out the flickr group for information.

Here's my small inspiration/likes mosaic...

Scrappy Swap Mosaic

I feel I have reached the point where my likes, tastes and dislikes are pretty apparent here and on flickr; and to be honest, in the swaps I have been in, most of the items blatantly not destined for me, based on my specified colour choices etc, I would be more than happy to receive anyway.  So I am keeping it simple.

I know I was trying to get my To Do list in check sometime this side of Christmas, but, I suppose that was not meant to be!

Saturday 20 October 2012

Sew Fluffy Sew!

If you took my advice, and the computer Gods did what they are paid to do, some time about now you should be receiving the brilliant October Fluffy Sheep Quilting Newsletter.

I saw a sneak preview, and it's a goodie!

And you may well find a little something in there that I made in the summer.

Lets just say that when my MacBook took a little vacation with the not-so-clever-tech guys in August, the only thing that wasn't backed up was destined for Cindy - gah!  Blood, sweat and tears for this one!

If you are not signed up, do not fear, have a look on Cindy's blog, there's a tab at the top for Shop Newsletters, if you click on any that are shown, then 'Past Issues' (top left) you will see a list, including this month's, so you will be able to catch up on previous editions too, but promise me you will sign up properly!

Friday 19 October 2012

Cut cut cut cut cutting...

I have finally turned my yard of Black Sewing Guide - Mama Said Sew fabric into 5" charms for the Addicted to Text swap.

I sat out the Japanese Charm Swap, so I have obviously been jealously looking on as all the lucky ladies have been receiving their bundles of loveliness, but I am really looking forward to this one.

The selection of prints in the flickr pool is awesome.  I am busting with ideas of how to use them!

I have more Mama Said Sew for you tomorrow - and if you haven't signed up for the Fluffy Sheep Quilting newsletter, you may wish to do so right now, just saying!

TFI Friday everyone x

Thursday 18 October 2012

A Little Bit Random Thursday

Well I am sure that some proper random stuff must have gone on around me this week, but to be honest having a fuzzy head has not made me the most observant...

However, look at the beautiful Kleenex box!
Today probably rates a post to itself.

Back to work, not particularly random, other than I did spent most of my time wondering what on Earth I was doing there!

Then this afternoon involved playing and printing Christmas cards with my kids at school, which resulted in these...

Followed by my duty as 'crisp lady' at the the KS1 Disco.  The joy!

I also saw this article today and thought of Rhonda and all my American friends - honestly, sometimes you must just read my posts and not have a clue what I am on about.

Linking these disjointed odds 'n' sods with Cindy's Really Random Thursday.

And now, I know my Inbox is full, but I am closing down and just watching TV before an early night; na-night xxx

Wednesday 17 October 2012

For Susan... again!

OK, despite evidence to the contrary I do make things for other people, or myself, not just Susan!!

But not today.  Having shifted my cold a little, well at least the painful cough, and re-located the young man back to school, I knuckled down and made the next block for Stitch Tease. 

OK it may be a couple of days late, but it only took a morning, and after the three months and month-late stress-fest of the last Stitch Tease block, I am rather pleased.

As this is the most secretive of Bees, here's all you are getting until sometime next year...

Part of one of Susan's requested wonky Kona Snow stars.

Catching up with my commitments really does make sewing more enjoyable, and with my To Do list getting shorter, I don't feel so bad about taking on a few more projects!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Just what the doctor ordered...

Actually it wasn't the doctor, it was me, but a lovely little bundle arrived from Saints & Pinners today, coinciding with an unscheduled day in front of the TV, (Lord of The Rings on DVD), with dear son, both of us wallowing in our coughs and colds.

This year I will have an AMH voile infinity scarf; I didn't get one last year, and feel like I missed out a little bit.

The other 'orange' is currently destined for my round 2 Brit Bee ideas pile; it's not my turn until January, but I am starting to enjoy planning ahead. 


Monday 15 October 2012

Little Thank Yous

Two of my secretive makes arrived with Susan and Trudi over the weekend.

I embroidered these a couple of weeks ago, taken from Aneela's Little Stitches book, and didn't really think through what type of gifts I was going to make with them; thank goodness inspiration struck...

I used Anna Noodlehead's Open Wide pouch tutorial and Pezzy charms, that's how teeny they are.

It is a great tutorial, I had a little bit of random with the sticky-out zip-end but they turned out nicely, so much so, yesterday I made another, a huge one, but that's for another day.

So that'll be my first 100% completed FAL tick too; my Mouthy Stitches tick will come after mailing and mama-ing are complete, and the Sizzix project upon 'publication' - not bad for the first week!

Sunday 14 October 2012

He is mental!

Felix Baumgartner, he is a mentalist!

I have nothing more to say tonight - that was exhausting!!

Back tomorrow with some girly, down to Earth sewing type-stuff x

Saturday 13 October 2012

Are they mental??

On Cindy's Really Random Thursday post, she included a spam post she'd had.  They do make me laugh!

Source: google.com via Tracy on Pinterest

As I have again been working away on secret and non-bloggable(?) things today, I thought I would share some of mine from this week...

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I do not want to see his Finish Along list!

I was going to upload the actual screen grabs but I have max'ed out my 1Gb of Picassa storage, and I am not in the mood to play about with that right now!

I also want to say there are increasing numbers of no-reply bloggers leaving me lovely comments, but I cannot respond to you - please check your settings, because I hate not being able to track you all down ;)

Friday 12 October 2012


I was wondering, do you always check the scale of prints when you order fabric, or do you just love a print and not care?

I sometimes check, Fat Quarter Shop is pretty good with its 8" swatch pics, but most of the time I assume.

When I was filling my basket with some Kona Snow from Cindy's Fluffy Sheep Quilting, I just had to have those Oh Deer deer!  I didn't even think to check the scale, which in this case was probably a good thing, (for my wallet), otherwise I would have ended up ordering miles of it!!!

Look how cute these deer are...

I honestly thought they were going to be at least twice the size.  I don't remember ever having been caught out in a bad way, but I am now thinking that has been more luck than judgement.

Another print I am currently playing with, one of Aneela's Cherry Christmas prints, has robins which are tiny; I was expecting them to be the same size as the ones we embroidered at FQ Retreat, they are so not! 

These are 1" hexies...

So go ahead, tell me I am a divvy, and that you always double check!  Some of you I might believe, others, not so much!

Thursday 11 October 2012

My Siggy Block...

I love Brit Bee. 

All my wonderful friends helped make my Constellation quilt the stunner that it is, (Alison, I'll tell you about it some day!), and since then I have gone on to make more and more of Katy Jones's inspired stars.

The latest is for Susan's Brit Bee 2 month, asking for a star or stars on a charcoal background, it was a no-brainer for me.

So here is the latest, and sorry Susan I have kept you hanging all day to see this, but I have been finishing off a pair of 'thank yous', so actually you could just blame yourself (or Trudi!).

Susan added a second solid to all the fabric packs she sent out, which was perfect for the secondary star...

It will measure in at 24" and I used Madam Pings' super-duper, quick and easy trim-tastic method of getting those HSTs all nice and squared.  If you haven't seen Sarah's post over at Rhonda's, have a look!!  Honestly it works, and with the added luxury of a new rotary blade, (why oh why do I struggle on with a blunt one for so long, every time!?), this was effortless!

I hope you like it my friend - it will be winging its way to you with a load of other things very very soon, well Saturday, probably!

Wednesday 10 October 2012


I actually got stuff finished today, and I feel really good about it!

First thing this morning I finished the written instructions for my Sizzix project, (November 1st folks, November 1st), and got everything wrapped up and mailed.  I also sent off a piece of fabric that Mrs Snooks was searching for; paying forward the love from the fabric that Fiona sent me last week.

Back home and I finished off my Mouthy Stitches tote and keyring.

Now I don't know about any others who have used fusible fleece on their outers, but I had to make my lining/reversible side slightly larger to allow the fabric to fit over the thicker side if it is turned inside out.  It looks a little baggy inside, when it's empty, but I am hoping my partner will want to fill it!

I did a little 'window' embroidery on the 'inside' panels, but I am swinging from love to hate and back again, I hope my partner sides with the love!

The Empire State keyring is one of Aneela's Little Stitches embroideries, which I thought was a perfect match for the Velocity cityscape print.

I love love love doing these tiny embroideries.

After that, I cut and pieced my Brit Bee block for Susan, but that my dears I shall save until tomorrow.

There was a bit more hexie basting at ballet, and now I am going to play catch up on my emails and blogs, and get all cosy in front of the TV with a cup of tea and a couple of chocolate digestives!  I know how to celebrate!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

The one that got away...

I have been busy completing my big Sizzix project this evening, so I have had to scrape the bottom of my iPhoto barrel to find something you haven't seen!

Here is the Travellin' Pic Stitch block that got away, or rather, was sent packing.

It was going to be great... in my head.

However once I started joining those central points, I hated it; one swimming and a ballet lesson later and it got tossed aside.  Not. Feeling. The. Love. 

So I am now on mark II and feeling happy back in my comfort zone.

Well I have a regular, relatively stress-free Wednesday day off tomorrow, so I am aiming to be ultra productive and have loads to show you... famous last words x

Monday 8 October 2012

The Fourth Quarter!

Here we go again - the final Finsh-Along list of the year, and this is a big one for me!

In the third quarter I omitted the things I had to do; I don't know why, but if I did the same this quarter it would be pretty empty!

So here goes...
  • Finish my Mouthy Stitches swap tote and keyring, and wrap up the swap with the lovely Susan and Cindy.
  • Finish a currently secret commission for Sizzix - all will be revealed before the end of the year I think/hope, but it is almost done and has to be mailed this week - hence everything else has been on hold.
  • Make my contribution for the Travellin Pic Stitch blog hop - currently under wraps, but all basted.
  • Finish my something Tula Pink for Sara's linky, all cut and ready to sew and stuff!
  • Finish the Christmas something for a tbc blog hop - again under wraps, but pieces are cut and waiting in line, patiently.
  • Finish the Thank You gifts for Susan and Trudi for snapping my quilt at FoQ, I've completed the embroidery already;
  • ...and finally my Retro Flowers Quilt!  I really want this one finished, really really I do!
There will be a load of new makes in this quarter too, what with it being Christmas, and having all the birthdays in November, so now I have written it down, I am feeling rather scared!

I think I will need more than luck this time!  I'm going for a lie down x

Sunday 7 October 2012

I Did, Did You?!

I spent yesterday morning pootling, hoovering, getting the house in order and biding my time, until Midday.

Then before the twelfth gong, myself and it seems like many others sprang into action and purchased one of these...

Next July!  I don't think I have planned that far ahead since my wedding!

So, I have to ask, are you coming to Retreat II?

I promise I will try to keep quiet about it until about Easter-time, because not going to Sewing Summit, I have endured enjoyed the build up, but understand others don't want to have their noses rubbed in it upset others too much with my excitement xxx

Saturday 6 October 2012

Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along Blog Hop - My turn!!!

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along Blog Hop (I can type it, not say it) and thank you Jennifer for having me.  I am loving this series and seeing other people's scraps is always more interesting than your own I reckon!

Those of you who hang around here often will have seen my sophisticated storage system before, but if not, welcome.

My scraps used to just live in a big mess until the beginning of the summer, but now they reside in the complete luxury of colour-sorted plastic bags!

I have a few extra bags which hold specific things, like selvedges or precious scraps of Heather Ross, but anything bigger than a 5" charm tends to just live with the rest of my stash; scraps are scraps, I save anything from 3/4" upwards.  If you can fold it, that still counts as yardage!

I love scraps though, and am a sucker for online stores selling scrap packs, all those little pieces, and the fun of working out what they are, what fun!

I use my scraps to try out new things like fiddly paper-piecing, right up to quilts.

The Happy Scrappy says it all for me...

Seeing as I have had scraps on the brain, I just had to make another of these blocks for Bee Blessed; there's still time if you want to contribute too...

Just in case you need a reminder of why Jennifer has us sorting those scraps, here are the important bits again...

Monochromatic Improv Log Cabin QAL and prizes! 

The many prizes offered to those of you that join our quilt-along are graciously donated by the following sponsors. 

Scrappy Stash QAL starts October 9. 
Scrappy Stash QAL ends November 13. 
Link up finished quilt November 13-15. 
Prizes drawn November 16. 

Remaining stops on the Blog Hop: 
10/7: My Go Go Life
10:9: QAL kick-off day at Ellison Lane Quilts
10/10: Maureen Cracknell Handmade (QAYG tutorial!) 

There's even a button for your blog...

Scrappy Stash Quilt-Along at Ellison Lane Quilts

So there you go - Happy Scrappy everyone xxx

Friday 5 October 2012

Do parcels go thud...

... on the doormat if no-one is there to hear them?  Philosophy-Friday anyone!?

Well this week parcels have been arriving with deafening regularity, I received some more Sizzix dies to show and tell at a later date, including hexies - whoop-whoop!  And also more supplies for my secret projects, along with good old fashioned fabric-mail.

I have my October Brit Bee bundle of pink and orange lovelies to make Susan a star block, which in my case will be a mahusive Consellation; a super package from Justine's Simply Solids, Sew Stitchy charms and my christmassy FQ freebie; and then a Sew Stitchy panel, my Addicted to Text - Sewing Guide yardage and some awesome Dear Stella Campgrounds, that just jumped in my basket over at Intrepid Thread too.

I have a lot on my plate this weekend - I will be taking my turn on the Scrappy-Stashy-Hoppy-Ma-gig tomorrow, I have to finish one of my secret projects so it can be mailed off early next week and I want to get a bit more of my Mouthy Stitches tote finished and we may even go swimming!

There may also be the purchasing of a ticket!!!

Any plans my friends?

Thursday 4 October 2012

Help needed, please!

*** Edited to say a huge thank you to the awesome Fiona - who has made my vision possible***

Dear UK friends,

I am in desperate need of a small piece of the Heather Ross - Far Far Away II Moon Face print in either the natural or gold.

I only need about a 9" or 10" square/Fat16th, and I cannot find any online this side of the pond?

If anyone knows where I can get some pretty quickly, hence UK only, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you xxx

Wednesday 3 October 2012

IT's finished!

With the aid of my super-magnifier, I was able to race on and finish dear husband's anniversary present.  I know it was a few days late, you don't have to tell me too, but I think it was worth the wait!

IT Crowd cross-stitch!!  I know!!  I bought the pattern from wee little stitches ages ago, but unfortunately it got a little sidelined during September. 

If you haven't visited this Etsy shop, you really should take a look, there's something there for every geek in your life! 

What to get next?  All the Doctors?  The Breakfast Club?  Or maybe I should go with my contemporaries, The Golden Girls!!

Tuesday 2 October 2012

What the jeggings!?

Well I promised to show you my shopping spree haul, and for once it included non-fabric related purchases!

In fact I almost bought a whole outfit, had it not been for my indecisiveness on footwear.  Having been unable to get any Orla Kiely for Uniqlo online, I was over the moon to be able to get a Cars top and flower scarf in the real life shop; (I have a bit of a handbag collection going on, so this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper!).

I also bought jeans.  Real jeans, proper denim, boyfriend cut, perfect fit, no buggering about!  Thank you Next, for not being entirely full of jeggings!  I don't know about you, but jeggings should be illegal for those over 21!  There were way too many "ladies", the wrong side of 40, all jegged-up wandering the shopping centre.  Oh my eyes!

No trip to Bluewater would be complete without John Lewis though, so more cheap as chips Joel Dewberry and some self-cover buttons for a plan; I may have stroked the FMF bolts, I'm not telling...

I even bought a CD - you know those old-fashioned shiny things that actually make you feel like you own the music.  Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds was my soundtrack to September; if you are not familiar, or think you aren't, please check this out...

And finally the sewing aid.  I admit defeat, old age (42) and decrepitude and now sport a super-sewing sleuth magnifying glass that Sherlock would be jealous of.

Benedict for Annabella!
To tell the truth I am not sure how I managed without it, the cross-stitch is coming on a treat!

So there you have a glimpse of not only my trip but what I will be wearing, listening to and stitching this autumn xxx