Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Eat, sleep, work, repeat...

Not a lot of time for the finer things in life, and when there is, then not a lot of time for blogging!  Gah!

Behind the scenes I am slowly stitching my #handpiecedminiswap2 Mrs Bannister's Stars, and today I decided what to make for my #bigstitchswap2 partner, so that's all good...

I have a Brit Bee block to contemplate, that may be on the agenda for tomorrow, or I may just settle for hand-stitching on the sofa, recharging the batteries in front of a dodgy film or two, that does sound rather appealing.

What I definitely have to get on with, in a consultant capacity, is making a couple of cushions with the girls. Their half-termly project is Space, so to accompany futuristic trips through the galaxy, what better than a bit of old-fashioned Earth comfort, complete with informative label to meet that side of the homework deal...

Oh and I also made a cyclops eye for dear son's drama class...

Fun fun fun xxx

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Catching up...

I don't know how it happened; the dog ate my blogposts, there were lights in the sky, I remember nothing… or something like that.

Firstly I am fine, the family are all fine, despite a multitude of hospital trips and doctor visits.

We have just been busy, half-term came and went in a post-sickness bug blur for some and I've been and returned from another awesome weekend away with my Brit Bee ladies.

There has been a little making, signing up for a couple of swaps and lots of dressing up.

I have probably baked my own body-weight in banana muffins, and the kids have also got the cooking bug; rice krispie-formed 'natural disaster' cakes included.

Applications have been submitted for jobs, (and been rejected), holidays booked and electricity supplier swapped.

We have had the pleasure of the company of plumbers, electricians and boiler men, and been to numerous school meetings, workshops and debates.

I even watched the whole series of Death In Paradise and fell asleep and missed who the murderer was in. every. single. episode!

Life is exhausting; but it goes on, and I am managing to cram in just about enough of the stitchy stuff to keep me sane!

I really will try to be less of a stranger here; thank you as always for stopping by, it makes me happy xxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Cheap Thrills!

Apart from the 3 long, cold hours spent on Mum-taxi duty, my day off was rather productive.

As mentioned yesterday, I have started on a scarf-looming mission.  A charity shop find of a mega-loom on Saturday morning and some very cheap but pretty acrylic to experiment with, meant by the time I went to bed on Saturday I had finished my first…

Sunday I finished another for one of the girls, started on a smaller loom at Christmas, lessons learnt, wool slackened and job done, albeit a technicolour eyesore, I will spare you!

Monday I went shopping for more wool, (some actual wool!), following requests, and I made a super chunky one for my lovely husband - I will get a snap of him in it at some point.  Last night I started another for t'other girlie, finished this morning, and then this afternoon, I cast on one for dear son which I duly finished whilst he was a Scouts.

I am loving the instant gratification, the comfy sofa-dwelling and cozy outcome!  I have another to make for original twinny in the prettier pink and then another for myself in some proper alpaca mix which I am pretty excited about.

Who knew I could knit!?  So the weather is set to be milder by the weekend, dammit, but I am sure they will still get lots of wear, and yes, we will be that scarf family!

I also pieced the backing for my Brit Bee Medallion today, and made a change to my centre block to try and balance out the colour of the middle section which has been bugging me, causing me those anxious palpitations of not wanting to face it or get it finished.

Crazy business, but I am happier now with my Liberty star, and am looking forward to getting this quilt basted and ready for hand quilting along with My Small World, (well, once the knitting phase has passed!).

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

World in Union...

This weekend, despite the germs flying round the house, I finished my 'My Small World' quilt top!!

I finished off all the appliqué and embroidery, swapping the landmarks for AHOPE, FAMILY and LOVE subtly stitched in the sky…

… and got the final panels joined together into one super, lovely, bonkers creation.

It is now all basted and ready for some serious hand-quilting action and not a moment too soon.  The cold weather has finally hit; no snow here but -5 when I left for work this morning, so my plans of sofa-time and something cosy to stitch under, can be fulfilled, tomorrow, if I have my way.

That's not all.  I've also made a couple of infinity scarves/cowls, whatever you want to call them, since I was last here!  Can't knit with sticks to save my life, according to my girls, sad but true, but on a loom I am already a whizz!  Pictures and future requests tomorrow!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Q1 FAL 2016 - The list

2016 FAL

I'm going to keep the listing short and sweet, and try really hard to improve on the last quarter's disastrous big fat zero!

1.  Oldie but goodie MATO, needs to be progressed in order to at least get me off my butt to take more up to date photos…

2.  Amitié BOM, it makes me sad to just have so many unfinished blocks...

3.  Stitch Tease Bee Feathers, I am awaiting the last few, and I can always carry it over!

4.  My Brit Bee Medallion, really really want to get this all basted to have a lovely quilt to snuggle up under and quilt now the cold weather has arrived at last...

5. My Small World, which is now almost there...

6.  The Gardenvale Farmer's Wives, if I decide to stay small, it may get finished...

Fingers crossed I get at least a few of these under my belt this quarter.  I only have one family birthday to make for, and a weekend away where sewing is the name of the game, so it has the making of being a productive quarter.

It's been all change in FAL Towers, a new expanded management team, fabulous sponsors and I'm hoping, new guilt tactics, or failing that, cattle prods to keep me focused!  

Have you linked up yet? 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


This weekend I fulfilled my January Bee commitments.  I like that feeling of being up to date.

Firstly I made the next instalment of this year's Brit Bee quilt.  In December/January we were/are all making the block designed by Jo, and I was making for the lovely Jude.

This was a challenge of a block as you can see!  It, as with all the Brit Bee blocks, measures up at 15(.5)" x 30(.5)", and thankfully mine worked out that way.

As an aside, I have one of those appliqué flowers sitting awaiting completion for my My Small World, which has been sat neglected next to the sofa all Christmas; however I got all 6 of these stitched on Saturday afternoon!  I will finally get mine sewn tomorrow, that's my plan!

The brain-ache block finished, I set to Susan's blocks for Stitch Tease.  More of a challenge in the fabric pulling department, jewel-toned, tone-on-tone, no white, wonky log cabins with a navy 'log' in each block.  I think I managed it…

So that's me up to date with everyone.

Tomorrow, (daytime), I am going to shut myself off from the stresses of school re-organisation, work relocation and all the stuff and nonsense that has begun to fill my days, and try to crack on with some of my WIP sewing.  I'll hopefully get everything into some order to write a FAL post to keep me on track, (ahem).

Tomorrow evening I will back on the campaign trail, a meeting at dear son's school with the Council which has the makings of being rather lively!  So don't wait up xxx

Monday, 11 January 2016

These are the days it never rains but it pours...

My kids' knowledge of David Bowie doesn't go much further than the introduction to The Snowman, so when I was 'making cakes' this afternoon for a sale at school tomorrow, these took on an added poignance…

The sale proceeds are helping fund this year's Young Voices O2 concert trip they are attending again in a couple of weeks; it seems only right that music and singing will be providing them with such joy, excitement and memories.

I'll be back tomorrow with some pretties to show you, today I am just taking a moment, which I am sure many of you are too xxx

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Promises, promises…

I promised you photos of some Christmas makes, and so I shall honour that at last.

3 pouches based on Svetlana's pattern, with an additional loop to attach a karabiner to, for all your Nerf-ing needs!

All 3 kiddos are Nerf gun fanatics, and those foam bullets get everywhere, so solution sought and found.  Everyone's a winner.

And talking of winners, I finished up Helen's additional prize yesterday, and mailed it to her today…

Another drawstring pouch; honestly, anyone who thinks you can have too many little pouches is mistaken!

Last night I was at a school meeting, battle plans to stop its closure, and tomorrow I am back to work, so my head is not as full of the light and fluffy stuff as I would like 6 days in, but I'm taking it in my stride thus far.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Gordon's Alive!!!

Yup, still here, you don't get rid of me that easily I'm afraid!

So 'Happy New Year' one and all.  I had planned on blogging a little over the holidays, but honestly, switching off, literally and metaphorically was really bloody lovely.

Christmas was a family, food and TV-fuelled affair; the kids had a wonderful time too, and that's what matters.

The only fly in the ointment was my car's power-steering pump failing, so an unexpected home-rescue and unplanned-for expenditure wasn't the best timed.  It must have broken as we arrived home on Christmas night, but within an hour of discovering a problem on Bank Holiday Monday, the car had been towed to the garage by a literally passing RAC man, (here before I got off the phone), and he'd dropped me off at my sister-in-law's in time for lunch!  The garage were stars as always and had it fixed by New Year's Eve.  It could have been so much worse!

Today dear husband and son were back to the daily slog, the girls had an Inset day, so we have packed up Christmas for another year.

I have also managed a little sewing already, but more on that soon.

I meant to get photos of all my Christmas makes, but easier said than done, I will try to remember tomorrow.

I didn't link up with the 2015 Q4 FAL, because of the 4 I listed, I finished nothing!  Although Helen has won my hexies which I am ashamed to say are still awaiting an additional prize before I mail them, so that's my other goal for tomorrow!

For rest of the year I am planning on getting stuff finished too.  My WiP list is actually at an all-time high/low, and they are all things I really want to finish.  So I am going to try not to start anything new until I have finished at least one WiP; old, new, old, new or maybe even old, old, old!  Well it's sort of a plan.

I am also going to try to get into a better blogging rhythm, although I have not quite decided what that means yet.  I don't want to feel obliged to blog when really I have nothing to say or show, life is too short for us all, but I don't want the tumbleweeds to take over!  Let me have a ponder.

2015 was not my favourite year by a long shot, so I am really pleased to shut that door and look forward to happier times.  It goes for my blog and online presence as well as my private life, I am going to focus my energies on doing things that make me happy, cutting the clutter, (3 bin-bags of clothes to charity already today!), numerous apps deleted, and procrastination and heel-dragging are things of the past.  My word of the year will be lighter.

Now I just need to burn off all that Christmas cake and even more scarily, venture into my Inbox!  I doubt there is anything important amongst the Sales and unbelievable and probably out of date season's offerings, but best be brave, I may be some time!  xxx