Wednesday, 1 July 2015


The only option I had this afternoon to keep cool, keep my sanity and indulge in some stitching was sat on a quilt, in the shade, in the garden, and it was lovely!

I appliquéd the last 4 flowers onto the centrepiece of my Amitiê Mystery BOM…

I am pleased and relieved that my changes to heart shaped leaves and oval flowers look as good in reality as they did in my head.

Next I will be on to the birdies; they are going to be a whole other kind of challenge!

RIP Fresh Sewing Day, the first of the month isn't the same without you x


  1. i really like it! i'm a teeny bit surprised to be saying that about applique but i totally do. i'm changed....

  2. Looking good and glad you are enjoying it - I'm sure you can take those birds in hand


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