Thursday, 16 July 2015

Some pretties...

My lovely sister bought me a Pink Castle voucher for my birthday at the end of June; last week I spent it, yesterday I received all these…

I do love happy mail, (not so keen on being completely exhausted, but this time next week it will be the summer holidays!) xxx


  1. such a lovely stack. Are you going to use all these in one project? They look fantastic together.

  2. What a lovely fabric collection - almost as Lovely as the sister who facilitated it!!!! How is she? Xxx

  3. Lovely choices! Any particular project in mind or just to add to the stack and stroke until inspiration strikes?

  4. What a beautiful stack of fabrics! Love the colours xxx

  5. Gorgeous choices! Isn't it the summer holidays now or have your poor bairns got another week to go?


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