Monday, 14 September 2015

Hashtag #cushion...

If you were wondering where I am, I'm hob-nobbing over at the Simply Solids blog today with a fun cushion with Y-seams - yes that is possible!!

Happy Monday peeps xxx

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

All Change...

I am full of apologies for my absence of late - it has been very hard to drag my brain out of holiday-mode, and now we are all back at school and work, time is just flying past at a rate of knots and I am finding it really hard to keep up.

New routines mean earlier starts and later finishes, eating later, bedtimes creeping nearer to mine, and the window of opportunity for sewing, blogging and relaxing being squeezed into almost nothingness.

It will all settle soon, I hope, but with the prospect of Scouts starting this evening with a 9pm finish, I am not putting any money on me getting some extended sofa-time this side of Christmas!

I realise in the scale of things I really have little to moan about; hubby's back is finally on the mend, I am toying with the idea of applying for a sideways move at work (which would be great) and dear son seems to be settling into his new school really well.  The girls are just the girls!

There has been a little stitching, to keep a teeny sliver of sanity, although my To Do/Want To Do list is getting ever longer.

So on the weekend, I got my head down and made my #easyswapuk pouch and extras.  Given quite a broad spectrum of likes, I opted for my pouch of choice, la Lola, and went for ombre geese of sorts…

I am really pleased with the outcome, and hope my partner will be happy with it too.  I made key fobs from the geese trimming, well it would have been a waste not to, right?  And gathered a few co-ordinating extras to complete the package.  I am so ahead of the game on this one, because I needed that feeling of control that ticking one thing off my list brings.

So having my September Stitch Tease Bee blocks for Nicky under by belt, next on the list was a starter block for a new Brit Bee project.  We are all set for another awesome round, which will be revealed in true Brit Bee style over the next 12 months or so…

My #mysmallworld has stalled, myAmitiĆ© BOM is looking neglected again and I have had no time to start doodling for the #schnitzelandbooswap. Don't even talk to me about finishing up my Brit Bee medallion.  Thank goodness for lists!

So dear hearts, I will be trying to blog as much as possible, there may be snippets on Instagram and I may even get round to my Inbox one day soon, but for now it's all competence examples, new timetables and lunch-boxes.  Hoping, maybe, this bit of tech will stop me resorting to biscuits to get me through the day…

See you again soon xxx

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Day Off...

I am still off work, but today was my 'official day off' and tomorrow will be a days annual leave rather than unpaid leave or bank holidays.  It didn't feel much different!

However it did mean frantic uniform and bag sorting, the girls are back to school tomorrow and dear son starts his new school on Friday and I go back to work.  I now have a pile of new uniform to label tonight, but I can cope with that.

I did, in the midst of this, get my September bee blocks made for new girl in the Stitch Tease Bee, Nicky.

Set the fun task of making a couple of blocks inspired by the Alhambra Palace for a predominately orange sampler-style quilt; I searched out a couple of images of tiles that took my fancy. The results are, even if I do say so myself, rather pleasing!

I have a rather long list of things I must do, and would like to do this month; I am hoping to get the balance right, as I am all too aware that all work and no play is going to make me one very dull (and grumpy) girl.