Monday, 3 August 2015


After a beautiful weekend, full of sunshine, family, trips out and getting stuff done, today was not so great.

Poor hubby was bed-ridden having over-done it in the garden yesterday, his back just wasn't up to the job, poor bugger; so there were unscheduled doctors and chemist visits in the mix.

The weather was grim anyway, raining most of the day, the kids took timeout in their stride, and I got to do a little more work on #mysmallworld whilst waiting for the doc's home visit…

I've since pieced and trimmed all my 1"x 2" finished flying geese, for this and a later section, and I am feeling happy about getting those under my belt.

What I am also feeling happy about, is succumbing to Amazon's deal of £10 off when you spend £50.

All weekend I was considering going the way of the Kindle.  I do love a real paper book; I collect certain authors and having been cracking on with the pile of unread books I collected over the winter; the lure of being able to get access to loads of books that I would probably otherwise not try or buy, seemed like a good idea.

My pondering paid off!

So for less than £45 I went for it; I will give my verdict in due course.  What I would be interested to know is if anyone has bought e-quilting books, I am wondering about how templates etc would work?

For now though, I guess that means I need to make a case!


  1. As I contemplate unpacking a million boxes of books I am considering moving to the electronic book thing too. I will be interested to hear how you like it. and I sure feel for your guy, I have a sore everything with the unpacking stuff I'm doing.

  2. Hope Mr FB revives soon! MSW looking fab! I have kindle on my iPad, but do prefer a "real" book x

  3. Sorry about the hubby's back and hope it is better soon. I read almost exclusively ebooks and love being able to have my entire library with me at all time. I do find that some quilting and cooking ebooks do not have key indexes and tables of contents set up for ideal ebook use, and that makes it harder to find the recipes/designs you want quickly. You can work around it by bookmarking, but it is still a bit easier to flip back an forth between design instructions on an actual book. That said, I now have several ebooks of quilting motifs that I use all the time. I haven't tried printing templates yet, but I am planning to make a paper pieced quilt from an ebook I bought. I don't anticipate much trouble, but we will see!

  4. did you say "home visit"? What is this thing of which you speak? It is rarer than a unicorn!

  5. I thought the same as Charlotte, pretty sure I haven't heard of that for about 20 years! Hope hubbie is ok and feels better soon. I can't stand the idea of a kindle, if I travelled a lot I might consider it but I think I get enough screen time as it is!!

  6. I've only recently moved over to the dark side in terms of eBooks, using the Kindle app on a Hudl. I quite like it for fiction, but nervous because I usually read in the bath. I'm moving my magazines to digital subscription too when they run out, but non-fiction books…. I have a few and I've not actually tried template printing. I guess it may depend on the Kindle you've got and whether you have a wireless printer- which I don't yet.

  7. I borrowed a friend's kindle to read a book she had but didn't really like it that much. I am a real paper book lover through and through. Although, as you say, it doe give you an excuse to make a cover and there are lots of lovely patterns out there. Hope Mr FB is better soon, can't believe you got a home visit!!

  8. I hope you like your Kindle! I've often thought about saving for one but always come to the same conclusion: I can buy an awful lot of books for the same price as a Kindle! Hope Mr FB's back is quick to recover xx

  9. Your blocks look great! I just bought a book on Kindle (The New Hexagon) and it had a link you could click on to get pdf copies of the patterns that you could print. I'm not sure if other books do that or not.

  10. I use my mom's kindle. For trips - take 18 books or one kindle. I can use my sister's library card in another state to get more books (because I've read all the ones in my library), --and it's easy as pie. For fiction.

    I can't stand reading magazines/newspapers on my laptop - definitely not gonna work on a smaller kindle screen.
    I also don't enjoy sewing books on the kindle. Sure, you can zoom in but it's hard to flip back and forth. It's more of a read forward without needing to look back at page 10, then back to page 34.
    For a onscreen pattern, I can scroll smoothly with my laptop back and forth for some direction I missed. ON the kindle.......hmmm.
    My mom's kindle is one of the older ones - not a touch screen.
    If I still was ferrying kids around, it's much easier to grab the kindle than find my current paper book.
    I use mine mostly for vacation reading.

    It would be cool if the kindle could skype so the doc could pretend he's making a home visit - so not gonna happen in the USA.

  11. I LOVE my kindle - which surprised me. I much prefer it to using an IPAD - the lighting makes all the difference. And it saves lots of trees and cuts down on waste. That being said... I still prefer quilt/pattern books as real books I can hold and savor. Especially since I dont read them cover to cover like a novel but flip through many times.

  12. And your small world is coming aling nicely. I did Gypsy Girl or Woman?? first and Jen listed each block and how many were required. I did My Small World the same way rather than by sections - more of a combination and think it more efficient/less overwheling.

  13. As I have only a basic kindle, I look at e-quilting books on the computer. Much more satisfactory than the kindle, which is black and white only. And not as satisfactory as a 'dead tree book', because, if you are like me, you need to flick back and forth in those sort of books... I suspect cook books will be the same... but fiction I use the kindle 90% of the time.

  14. like mamma fairy above I only have a basic kindle. Great for holidays but terrible for non fiction, ie sewing or baking. I think its to do with the light, my kindle doesn't have a lit up screen so it all seems terribly flat and dark., not good for looking at templates etc

  15. I was lucky enough to get a copy of a modern quilt ebook - which I can look at on my all singing Android version of an Ipad - except... I don't. Mostly I forget I have it , and even when I do I still prefer to look at an actual copy. I have some digital copies of quilting magazines - and again I rarely look at them. For reading a novel though - I love my kindle!


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