Tuesday 15 March 2016

Eat, sleep, work, repeat...

Not a lot of time for the finer things in life, and when there is, then not a lot of time for blogging!  Gah!

Behind the scenes I am slowly stitching my #handpiecedminiswap2 Mrs Bannister's Stars, and today I decided what to make for my #bigstitchswap2 partner, so that's all good...

I have a Brit Bee block to contemplate, that may be on the agenda for tomorrow, or I may just settle for hand-stitching on the sofa, recharging the batteries in front of a dodgy film or two, that does sound rather appealing.

What I definitely have to get on with, in a consultant capacity, is making a couple of cushions with the girls. Their half-termly project is Space, so to accompany futuristic trips through the galaxy, what better than a bit of old-fashioned Earth comfort, complete with informative label to meet that side of the homework deal...

Oh and I also made a cyclops eye for dear son's drama class...

Fun fun fun xxx

Thursday 3 March 2016

Catching up...

I don't know how it happened; the dog ate my blogposts, there were lights in the sky, I remember nothing… or something like that.

Firstly I am fine, the family are all fine, despite a multitude of hospital trips and doctor visits.

We have just been busy, half-term came and went in a post-sickness bug blur for some and I've been and returned from another awesome weekend away with my Brit Bee ladies.

There has been a little making, signing up for a couple of swaps and lots of dressing up.

I have probably baked my own body-weight in banana muffins, and the kids have also got the cooking bug; rice krispie-formed 'natural disaster' cakes included.

Applications have been submitted for jobs, (and been rejected), holidays booked and electricity supplier swapped.

We have had the pleasure of the company of plumbers, electricians and boiler men, and been to numerous school meetings, workshops and debates.

I even watched the whole series of Death In Paradise and fell asleep and missed who the murderer was in. every. single. episode!

Life is exhausting; but it goes on, and I am managing to cram in just about enough of the stitchy stuff to keep me sane!

I really will try to be less of a stranger here; thank you as always for stopping by, it makes me happy xxx