Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Those pesky teachers...

Yep, I am on the End of Term sewing spree.

Another finish from the weekend, cushion number 2 for dear son's teacher, the only chap I need to make for.

Seeing as it is O's last year in the school, I was told to make it a good present!

A mini-charm pack of Sweetwater's Elementary and the deal was done!

Yes, I see the brown, but I'm not keeping it!!
I used some John Lewis home dec for the backing, tried and tested spotty binding, keeping it suitably simple.

I hope he'll like it!

Today then, I prepped 4 Lola pouches, 3 key fobs and an iPad case!

OK, so two of the Lola's are not for the teachers, one is for Arcala, as sonny-boy is moving up to Scouts, and the other is a birthday pressie, but as I was cutting two, 4 wasn't much more effort!

I think I'll be putting these on my FAL Q3 list, because sewing time is getting limited again.  Tonight I went to a council meeting about the future of the local schools, tomorrow I have school project presentations and back again at about 4.30pm for the Year 5 Camp Out; Friday is the Summer Fayre.  Oh it keeps me out of trouble I suppose!

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  1. Love it! Brown is good enough for someone else huh? Oooh sonnyboy will LOVE scouts I'm sure. Blimey he's growing up!

  2. Oh s**t! Better get cracking on teachers gifts myself! Lovely cushion!

  3. I wanted to use some of those fabrics for a male teacher, one who loves numbers and have been blessed by some lovely IG folks with some bits to help me out. I'm sure that cushion will be gratefully received.

  4. Busy, busy, busy. The teachers are very lucky, I always found male teachers especially difficult to sort gifts for and this is a great idea. x

  5. Lucky teach and lucky Akela, too! And good luck with all the school crap. It WILL keep you out of mischief. Mebbes.

  6. busy busy busy. The cushion is suitably mannish and great for sitting out in the garden.

  7. what a great male teacher's gift :-)


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