Monday, 20 July 2015

New Moo...

Following all the internet change-over shenanigans we had earlier in the year, I never got round to replacing my batch of Moo cards; annoyingly they now have an out of date email address on.

So last week, in an effort to clear all the niggling things I have had on my mental To Do list since, like forever, getting more cards was one of them.

I ordered some square ones for a change; they are a bit more expensive than the mini-cards, but 50 for under £20 delivered is still not bad…

The image quality is much improved from some of my earlier packs, and better than my photo of them would have you believe, and the bigger size (2" square) is perfect for a nice cushion close up!

So that's one more thing ticked off, I won't scare you with the amount of stuff I still need to do!


  1. These are really fun. They would make great bookmarks too, I tend to keep fun cards like this in my bedside drawer so i have a lovely choice to go with whatever book I am reading.

  2. Aren't they great? And such wonderful photos you have chosen too!


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