Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Out and About...

We made it out and about today.  The sunshine was limited, but it stayed dry until teatime, so the cabin fever has been abated for a while!

First the girls got the chop…

They have been growing their fringes out, and waited until it could all be cut to one length.  I may be biased, but I think they look beautiful.

After stepping out of the salon, we went up to the new and improved park at Southwater.  We usually make it there in the holidays, and since Spring it has been revamped, and become Dinosaur Island.  The beloved big slide, zip wire and climbing frame with plenty of space to run about and lay out a quilt, has now become rammed with new features and infested with hundreds of toddlers, their anxious mothers, and wasps who cannot believe their luck at the amount of sticky food on offer…

Patches of grass were few and far between, but we nabbed a spot, had a picnic, and I managed some sewing; the kids got to run about with some school friends for a couple of hours, so we were all happy, but won't be venturing back this summer.

Back home, the kids have been planning a camp out in the garden tonight and I finished all my hexie-star circle Amiti√© blocks…

The next set of blocks have been decanted into my travelling pouch, as tomorrow we are hoping for a little beach-time!

Right, anyone want to place a bet on what time we get the first 'can I come back in' knock on the back door?


  1. Lock the doors!!! glad you have been getting a bit of summer sewing :-) x

  2. Must have been warmer at yours than here last night! Have you arranged the second mortgage to go to legoland this summer?

  3. love the hair styles, really sweet. Isn't the summer terrible, sun when i'm at work, rain the days I am off

  4. Your girls always look beautiful! Love the little star circles - any chance of a group photo for your BOM blocks?

  5. Ok, yes you are biased... but they are beautiful! So that is fine. And the new haircuts look great!


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