Thursday, 31 January 2013

Random odds and sods...

We've seen a little bit of sunshine over the last couple of days, and given the rain and snow-filled month we have had, that's probably the most random and unexpected end to January I could have imagined!

Yesterday had a nice quota of random worth documenting though...

A lovely parcel from Susan of my Brit Bee block, complete with one of her lovely Moo postcards and stickers... I couldn't put it better myself!

I also had the urge to buy more than a rational (?) quota of trashy magazines and curl up with a cuppa - I haven't done that in ages, and am glad I have it out of my system so quickly!

And then if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the last picture... how could one 6 year old do this to the other, whilst the 'canvas' apparently didn't want her to?  There was also matching leg art, which they both sported, but I didn't get a photo of those, because I was laughing and scrubbing too hard.

Linking these bits and bobs with Cindy et al xxx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Woo Hoo Wednesday...

I love my days off, especially when there is a decent amount of sewing, an absence of children and a total lack of rain.

Today was one such day.

Last night I put away all tech and rotary cut my Sew Stitchy layer cake and a couple of charm packs.  I ended up with all the necessary pieces for my #xplusalong quilt.  It took a while, even without squaring up those not 100% true pre-cuts, (what's with that!?), probably not helped by only using our tiny side table pulled up next to the sofa instead of a more practical cutting station!  Before bed though, I had 25 little stacks, all ready to be made into 10" blocks.

This morning I thought I better try piecing one block, you know, just for size.  One turned to 5, then six, before I headed out to mail my PLPS6 pouch.

Job done, I came home, and armed with tea, toast and old CSIs on TV, I worked my way through a day's worth of blogs and over 200 emails.

With an hour until school pick up, I made another 3 blocks.  I feel I am having to work in only photo-friendly numbers!

I love how it is looking already; I am making 5x5 blocks and a 5" border of the darker pink birdy print; it's going to be so girly.  I have also been saving the tiny triangle off-cuts to make into 200 1"HSTs; waste not, want not!

There have been other distractions and diversions today, but I am saving those for my Random Thursday post ;)

See you tomorrow xxx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


When you get home from work to a parcel that is labelled on the outside with #happyday and an Aussie stamp, you know you are in for a treat!  OK, that's me, not you today, but I am sharing by showing!

A week or so ago Nova told the world just how much of a chatterbox I really am, as if you didn't know; but to my utter surprise and delight she had made me a Thank You present, which arrived today...

You can't really see, but the parcel was addressed To The Comment Queen!
I am completely in awe of Nova's stitching and am probably going to spend a weird amount of time looking at all the detail that went into my drawstring bag; but it is totally gorgeous, and I am so blessed to have such kind, generous and bloody talented friends.

I have thanked Nova already, but for the record, Thank You again my friend, it, and you, are both smashers xxx

Monday, 28 January 2013

Lucky Stars are go...

I finally settled on texty, low volume neutrals mixed with solids.  I know.  Solids! 

FYI I have a love-hate relationship with solids; think I should love them, but really, mostly, I am a hater!!  Shocking, but true.

But I may have turned a corner...

These are my practise and January Lucky Star BOM blocks.  I have opted for the 6.5" rather than 12.5" blocks.  They are not perfect, but I am happy, and that's a promising start!

It also means I have been able to tick off everything that was on my January To Do list, including 2 of my 4 first quarter FAL goals, and I still have a whole day off left this month.  Go me!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

PLPS6 - job done!

As promised, here are some pictures of my completed Pretty Little Pouch Swap package...

I used Anna-Noodlehead's Open-Wide zipper method, and boxed the corners so the finished pouch measures up at c.11" square, scraping in under the 12" limit. 

This is my first time in the PLPS.  I thought I might find it intimidating, but it's actually been fine, maybe because I am familiar with a lot of the swappers and I opted for the Intermediate, rather then the tempting Advanced level, maybe because I have come a long way in the last year or so and am getting confident in my ability.  Either way, I loved the quick turnaround, got given a super easy-going partner and can't wait to see what is coming my way.

I just have to wrap it all up nicely and pop it in the mail this week.   I am hoping my partner is as pleased with it, as I am with how it turned out.  Time will tell.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Extra extra...

Sorry to all the non-Miranda watchers out there if I caused confusion with my turn of phrase recently; so here is a rather long You Tube clip, which will give you a pretty good idea of what I have been on about...

... Such fun!

And so, on to what I have actually been doing, (and resisting the urge to say,"what I like to call, sewing"), a couple of little extras to go with my Pretty (Big) Little Pouch...

I had forgotten how stressful it is when you get to this stage - I am finding it really hard to ignore the pressure of the Extras game, but I hope my partner will not be disappointed with what she receives.

Needle book & pin cushion on the lining of the main pouch.
I finished the actual pouch earlier too, but it was dark by the time I had stitched the turning gap closed, so I will take photos of the whole package tomorrow.

As it is, the house is tidy, we all have clean bedding, the fridge has been stocked and all is looking promising for a day of more stitching and a little relaxing tomorrow.  The last remaining item on my January To Do list is the Lucky Stars BOM.  Hopefully I will be able to come to a final decision on what fabrics I want to use, because I have changed my mind about 50 times already!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Multi-tasking are we?

Watching the Big Brother final and eating chocolate are we?
Sitting under the #scrappytripalong and whizzing through blog posts are we?
Confusing anyone who doesn't love Miranda are we?

Such fun xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Before the call...

Firstly, thank you all so, so much, for all your lovely comments regarding my #scrappytripalong quilt.  I am once again snuggled under it on the sofa, and keep catching myself smiling at seeing all those wonderful prints together in an actual quilt, and not just saved in a box to be made into that special quilt, one day - I now have the special quilt!! 

I also have about 100 comments to respond to from the last couple of days, so please forgive my tardiness, I will reply, soon!

And so back to yesterday.  Before I got the dreaded call from school to go and collect the poorly child, she's fine now, I managed to obliterate my To Do List, for which I am rather thankful.

I made three Stitch Tease siggy blocks, one I forgot to mail previously, one to accompany Helen's block on it's way to Dianne's and one for the final instalment.

I printed my labels for the Sizzix quilts; I simply called then Geese! and Dashing! in the end.

I popped a favour in an envelope for a tapestry-loving friend.

Next on the list were a couple of blocks for the lovely Bee Blessed ladies.  Honestly, so simple, it would have been way too rude not to...

Shoddy pics, I blame the snow!
I then went off to the Post Office in the snow and got them all mailed out - Czech Republic, Morocco, Scotland, Ireland and almost Wales, here they come!

And last on my list was a Schoenrock Cross block to be used on my Pretty Little Pouch...

As soon as I saw Leila's I knew I wanted to make one too.  I printed out the template from Quilter's Cache and reduced the size so that it came out as a 9" block.  The upper size limit on the PLPS is 12", so I am aiming, after sashing in natural Essex Linen, for an 11" square pouch, OK not so little, but big enough for a nice sewing project, an embroidery hoop maybe, or a tonne of hexies, I don't have to decide that bit!

I always have that 5 minute brain freeze after I have cut my fabric, (I make a freezer paper template for each piece and cut just over a 1/4" seam allowance) and then after flipping them over, I cannot, for the life of me, work out how they are meant to go, but it all worked out in the end.  Am I the only one?

So that was the rest of my day off. 

Earlier this evening I played around with the rest of the fabrics needed for the PLPS extra makes and relieved Justine of a couple of Architextures charm packs.

I am almost out of battery, so I am going to have to hit 'publish' and switch off.  See you tomorrow xxx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This is what it's all about!

I'll skip the domestics, school was open, but there was an after-lunch phone call, poorly child, doctors, anti-biotics; and I'll leave what I still managed to get done, Bee Blessed blocks, PLPS Schoenrock Cross panel, Sizzix quilt labels, Stitch Tease siggy blocks and a resultant mammoth trip to the Post Office, and tell you about those tomorrrow, I am guessing you want to see this...

All washed and crinkly and lovely and mine!

From the minute I spotted the first pics appearing on Twitter/Instagram over New Year and the early days of the #scrappytripalong, I knew I wanted one too.  And seeing that 2013 is my self-proclaimed year of Stash-busting, I jumped in with my most precious hoard of all!  I don't know if that was just New Year optimism, but it bloody well paid off!

Charting my progress on Instagram has been a wonderful experience too; I am mrsflyingblind if you were wondering.  We all know how lovely blog comments feel, but there is something about an instant 'Like' that really boosts confidence and confirms you are on the right track...

So this morning, my glamorous assistant headed out into the snow.  These are the before wash shots...

Then straight into the washer, and tumbled to crinkly perfection...

None of the photos really capture just how awesome I think this quilt looks in real life, sorry, I really really tried.  Just know, I wouldn't change a thing.

For those who like the stats...

Scrappy Trip Around The World pattern and piecing method from Quiltville
Pre-wash 72"x 72" 36 blocks (Post-wash, probably a little bit smaller)
36 Denyse Schmidt prints, gifted, bought and swapped from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand
Klona Tan backing from Backstitch
Pieced using Aurifil light grey 2616 50wt
Quilted a walking foot's width on each side of alternate seams, using Aurifil off-white 2021 50wt
The Flickr group is here if you want to check out all the other wonderful interpretations, just in case you weren't sucked in already.

Now I am a bursting to start my Sew Stitchy xplusalong! 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Other ideas!

I finished my #scrappytripalong and I really can't wait to show it to you in its full glory, but the weather has had other ideas today... rain, snow and more of the same, so a full on photo shoot will have to wait until tomorrow - fingers crossed.

I want to get some decent shots before and after the obligatory wash and tumble; and I swear, if we wake up to more snow and a closed school tomorrow, you will hear my screams before you see the photos!  For now, I am snuggled under it and am still finding it hard to believe that it is ALL MINE!

In other news I have posted a couple of colour combo options in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap flickr pool...

I am going to make a mini Schoenrock Cross block, as part of Leila's QAL and to use on one side of the pouch.

And now I know why I don't usually give options!!  I could have just asked 'red or pink', but that would have been too simple. 

Anyway I know what I am going to do, I know what fabrics I am going to use, and shock horror they might not be exactly those I grabbed for the pictures, because it was just a thermometer; I like my partner, so I am not going to make her anything I don't think she'll like!

Along with the above, I have a To Do list as long as my arm for tomorrow, with no room for snow, so here's hoping!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Just another Monday...

The kids went back to school today, albeit not in uniform; by the looks of the field at pick up time, there had been a lot of snowman building!  I went back to work, nothing at all exciting to report from there.

Highlight for me being the kids getting excited when they turned round, and the cloud had lifted for the first time in days, so they could actually see the Downs on the walk home...

Not exactly Alpine proportions, but they are our mountains.

I did do a little bit more of the #scrappytripalong binding last night, and now I only have about 60" left, so what am I doing here?  I best get cracking!

Sunday, 20 January 2013


This afternoon we settled down with a few of the Christmas Sky+ leftovers, including Madagascar 2, and I got on with binding my #scrappytripalong...

I am now over halfway round, about 5 out of 8 yards sewn; I was thinking I might get it finished this evening, but maybe I need to give my eyes and fingers a rest and have something to look forward to tomorrow evening.  Still undecided.

It has snowed and thawed at the same rate all day, so we are no worse/better off than we were yesterday; school have already texted saying that they hope to be open tomorrow, so saving that binding may well be a good idea; another day of kids, or a day at work, it's a toss up which I would prefer less!

Saturday, 19 January 2013


On the weekends I like to have a quick look at my iPad before venturing from our warm bed, postponing going into the usual war zone of children and breakfast cereal, (this morning it was kids fuelled on thieved cookies!).

Today I also awoke to the most lovely and excellent surprise courtesy of the amazing Nova.  Did you see this post

I did, and it was the best start to the day.  If you don't follow Nova's blog, a cuppa and a catch up, I jolly well suggest you start!  She makes the most beautiful things, and has written some wonderful patterns, which, even if you aren't familiar with the lady herself, you will have seen all over the Land of Blog.  Thank you again my lovely friend x

The rest of the day continued equally happy; the snow remains, so we went out with the sledges, and ended up at the park, where there was an albeit small slope, (and best, did not require any parental assistance), and it provided an hour of fun before the cold took grip and we headed back for hot chocolate...

After lunch, I reclaimed the table, and set to quilting my #scrappytripalong. 

A couple of hours of nearly-straight-lining, and it was done!  I quilted each side of alternate seams, and called it a day.  It looks good, feels good too; so tomorrow I will trim and attach the binding, and that will be me sorted for a few chilly evenings of stitching.  Wonderful.

And now, the small people are finally up in bed, time for a DVD.  I think Mister Clooney has been waiting his turn since Christmas; so it would be rude not to.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Be careful what you wish for...

It's here, lots and lots of snow.  Actually, not that much, but 6" is way more than the local road gritters can cope with, apparently!

School was open this morning, however the headmaster gave me the option to take the kids straight back home, but for some reason I thought it was a better use of taxpayer's money to try to get to work.

I got half way there, in twice the time it should have; visibility sporadic, road surface slippy and the other drivers on the white-knuckle duel-carriageway, mental! So I did an about turn and headed back home.

I stopped off for some milk in the village, and it was like a scene from Armageddon in Tesco Express, the shelves were pretty much bare, and people were frantically filing up with petrol, I assume in case they were going to have to evacuate to warmer climes!

So I got home, suffering from brain-freeze, and did a run round with the hoover before the school finally closed at 10.30am.

I left the snowball fights and sledge-dragging to the kids, whilst I sewed up my next Stitch Tease block, a 24-incher for Helen.  Bright wonky stars on Kona Ash, but I can't show you anything more than the sneaky peak above, sorry.

Rainbows was unsurprisingly cancelled this evening too, much to the girls' disappointment, so we baked some cookies instead; happy faces all round.

And that was my Snow day.  I hope you have stayed warm (or cool Mrs S!), and are easing nicely into the weekend.  I am off to to do some PLPS stalking xxx

Thursday, 17 January 2013


A nice quiet evening of binding yesterday, means that both the Sizzix quilts are now complete. 

In the five minutes between dashing round Tesco on the way home from work just in case, and heading out on the school run, I managed a rather unglamorous photoshoot...

I think they look pretty cool together, and they will hopefully win approval from the Sizzix-buying public en France...

I just need to put labels on the backs and then mail them off, then my January commitments will be mightily reduced.  Phew!

Both quilts measure 48"x 60"; they were pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50, using Klona White and Jade for backing, and crossweaves of unknown origin; all cut with Sizzix quilting dies.
Well we are bracing ourselves for snow, which will either be fantastic (for the kids, mostly) or a complete disappointment, but I have the #scrappytripalong to look forward to, so. bring. it. on!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Go Geese Lightning!

It may have not gone above minus 4 outside, but I had a good day indoors in the peace, quiet and warm.

I got the Sizzix geese all basted and quilted, then the binding attached first...

But rather than finishing it off immediately, I've kept the binding for this evening; I am happy about that on so many levels!

Instead, I got on with my #scrappytripalong.  I inset yesterday's big block into my solid backing, and then basted the whole 72" beauty!  Thank goodness for spray, I was done in half hour; I'd still be grovelling around on the floor, sobbing, if I was pinning!

I picked out my binding, the last piece of one of my favourite DS prints, and I'm 99% sure of the coloured thread I will be using on the back; I'll use off-white on the top.

Now I just have to build up the nerve and stamina to quilt it!  It weighs a tonne, and did I mention that it's huge!  This is going to be a bit of a job!  But the prospect of all that binding, 8yds, will keep me going!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Oops I did it again...

I haven't even finished my #scrappytripalong yet, although I did just piece a huge block for the backing, but poor light means no photos tonight, sorry, but the influences-that-be have already planted the February hashtag seed, and it's x+ blocks!!

I have made a couple of the 8" blocks previously, and have always thought a whole quilt would be smashing.  So...... my simple plans for my Sew Stitchy have morphed into 25x10" blocks plus sashing for the next project.

I really really did plan for a low pressure start to the year, we are only halfway through the month and I have already been seduced by 2 sew-alongs, signed up for a quick turnaround swap and have the 2 commission quilts to get finished... hmm.

It is mighty chilly up here on Cloud 9, and we may be getting some more snow in time for the weekend, so I am going to ensure that I make the most of the empty house tomorrow; bring on the basting spray!

Monday, 14 January 2013


Woke up this morning to this...

...which soon turned to rain, disappointment and bad hair, but never mind, look what I made this evening...

 As soon as the dinner plates were cleared off the table, the sewing machine was out, and my 36 #scrappytripalong blocks were stitched into one beautiful quilt top.

I know I have asked before whether is it wrong to love something you have made yourself, well this time, I am not even asking.
I love it!

There was swearing, in a very good way, as I flapped out the completed top after sewing the last seam.  It is beyond what I had hoped for, and I am so so pleased I jumped into this using my most precious hoarded fabric!

I will try to catch up with blogs and emails later, but I might not!  If you have a problem with that, you'll find me on Cloud 9!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Geese on Sunday...

The sun shone, the kids went to the park with Daddy, (armed with a thermos of coffee, it was about 1'C); I sat in the warm conservatory and sewed.

And sewed, and sewed; made a spot of lunch, then sewed some more.

The second commission quilt for Sizzix now has a completed top...

OK, it needs a good press, and some decent lighting.
I really do love how it has turned out.  I hope it is not too modern.  I have the idea in my head already to maybe make another, some day, for myself, but reversed, using patterned scraps and just white for the geese... maybe.

And as I was feeling so buoyed with getting so far, so quickly, I signed up for round 6 of the Pretty Little Pouch Swap.  I have been 'umming and 'arrhing all week about joining in.  There's still time if you are interested; it's a quick turnaround swap, with rather specific skill categories.  I opted for Intermediate; no uber-fancy-pants piecing or embroidery required.  I am good with that.

Here's my mosaic...

Pretty Little Pouch Swap...

With the prospect of no snow here any time soon, I guess it'll be business as usual tomorrow.  Hey ho...

Saturday, 12 January 2013

No show, no snow!

Snow? Pah, rain rain and more rain round these parts.  But cold though, so I wore my new scarf all day.  Except for eating.

It is such a lovely huge size that I was in fear of it becoming a bit like Mr Twit's beard!  And because some of you asked so nicely...

After all the family-type business of the day, party drop-offs and a trolley dash round Tesco, I got on with the things I needed to get done, namely finalising my second Sizzix design, in the loosest sense of the word, and then cutting all the pieces...

I made one block up, after I had cut all the pieces, just to make sure it looked OK, I think it works...

On a roll, I then stitched and pressed the rest of the 100 HSTs too.  Even with the very loose weaved fabrics, those HSTs were perfect every time.

It is going to be a very white quilt top, but as balance to my mega-patterned #scrappytripalong, it is quite a refreshing must-make!

So that's my day, we are now going to relax and watch a DVD, well once the kids stop running about upstairs.  

Oh please let it snow in the night so I can shove them out the door at dawn!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Getting prepared...

This was the scene about an hour ago, before I finished my lovely new AMH infinity scarf...

I ordered the 'kit' from Pink Castle, and the minute I got home to find the parcel today I was determined to have it finished by the weekend.  I want to be ready for the Arctic blasts that will be heading our way next week, apparently.

I love this combo so much, I even followed the AMH tutorial to the letter and hand finished the closure; I am so glad I did.

I am wearing it right now (with my pyjamas!) and prepared for whatever sleet and snow wishes to land on my doorstep!

And should the worst best happen, I have all the supplies I need to finish my #scrappytripalong and I've also made sure there are also some tins of soup and part-baked bread in the cupboard just to keep everyone-else happy... bring it on!

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Today I have dashed from pillar to post, work, meetings, Tesco, school, post office, (fat fabric package that wouldn't fit through the letterbox).  Back home, quickly outside for a brief photo-call before it got dark...

Who's that dashing young chap?
This is the first of the pair of quilts I need to have finished this month for Sizzix.  This one used just three dies, a 4" square, 4"x 2" rectangle and the smashing 4" HST die.  Given this selection, a churn dash block seemed the rational choice. 

I used Klona white and a selection of those lovely C&H Fabrics crossweave cottons along with my favourite Klona Jade for the backing.

It measures in at 48" x 60", all stitched up in Aurifil 50, grey (2612) for piecing, off-white (2021) on the top and a light turquoise (5006) on the back for the minimal quilting.  Jobs a good'un.

As my lovely Brit Bee ladies are already finding out, (mwah), not having to trim HSTs is rather refreshing and this all came together very quickly.  I am still finalising the design for the second quilt. which will incorporate the same dies plus 2" squares and HSTs.

Day 10 and I am happy to have my first finish for the year, and it's a whole quilt, albeit a small one.  Not sure I am going to be able to manage a quilt a week, oh can you imagine?!  But it is looking scarily like I could have 3 clocked up in January!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!

What with all the pre-Christmas performances, lurgies and school holidays, I have not had a scheduled day off, home alone, in ages.  Today was so great!

OK, so I had to clean, tidy, change the bedding and dust all those places that have been home to cards and decorations for the last month, but I ploughed through all that, on a mission to get to my sewing machine - I love a good 'carrot'!

First up, the last 6 #scrappytripalong blocks.  I got as far as finishing all the unpicking last night, then settled for rubbish on the telly.

So all 36 blocks are now complete...

This is not the final layout.  I left them laid out on the lounge floor for most of the day, swapping blocks about now and then; it never really looked any different, I just tried to make sure no touching blocks had the same dominant fabric and called it a day.  I have a couple of must dos to get done before I can get this finished.

The first must dos are quilts for Sizzix heading for a show in France in February, I believe.  Using specified dies, I got free reign on what to make, and today, quilt one was basted, lightly quilted and has now reached this stage...

Hopefully I am going to have my first finish of the year to show you tomorrow as I am already halfway round.  I did ponder just machine finishing the binding, but that's no fun!

I trust you are all feeling the mid-week love too xxx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...again!

We do not have a Christmas quilt.

I was, and remain, quite sad about that.  So as soon as an email from Fat Quarter Shop came through between Christmas and New Year tempting me with half price Cherry Christmas, I was there...

I have some yardage already, I used some for the Sizzix hexie-pillows and coasters but didn't have enough for anything substantial.

So with charm packs only $5 each, I bagged 4 and then popped a little Sew Stitchy and Chicopee yardage into the cart too, just to fill the envelope you understand. 

Actually I have plans for the Sew Stitchy already - all part of the master plan, to use up my hoarded lovelies.  OK, buying more fabric is a little radical, but it will work, in the long run, more is less!

And in a bid to not go into a total pre-Christmas meltdown (again), I am aiming to get this one made before the end of June - and I trust that you will remind me of such a bold statement.

Right, I'm off to finish the last 6 blocks of my #scrappytripalong, it's all go go go round here!

Monday, 7 January 2013

FAL Q1 2013

Now I know I needn't go into too much detail on the whys and wherefores of the Finishalong, as it does appear that pretty much everyone I know is either linking up and/or has heard me, or someone else mention it previously, but I am really pleased to be linking up again.

she can quilt

I have linked up my Q4 2012 finishes already; I didn't write a whole new post, as I had finished all 7 items on my list back at the end of November, and blogged about them here.  How did you get on?  It was my best quarter ever for finishes.

Linking in 2013 with the new hostess with the mostest, Leanne, I know for sure that she will continue the successes encouraged by awesome Rhonda throughout 2012.  Thank you Rhonda for getting this brilliant ball rolling!

Leanne has a calming influence in my frequently hectic and emotional existence, so I am thrilled that she will be there, making things better, keeping a level head and encouraging us all.

I did joke after Christmas that I better start a few projects just so that I could make a list, which was kind of true.  Like many of us, Christmas Makes were the be-all and end-all of the last couple of months, so once the gift-giving was done, I was free to start new projects again.  And start I did.

So here are my four for the first quarter...

1.  #scrappytripalong

I have 6 blocks to finish, and I love it so much already.  As soon as I have ordered some more batting and backing, there will be, I hope, no reason not to get this beauty all sewn up.

2.  Sizzix Commission

I have two quilts to make for Sizzix by the end of the month; I have batting and backing for these (grr!), and the top of the first one completed already, and they HAVE to be done, so I will be putting the pedal to the metal on these soon.

3. A hexie project

I know, a bit vague.  I have started basting a bunch of lovely hexies which I trimmed from the mini-charms sent to me by this lovely lady; I have a couple of ideas, but want to see them all hexed up before I commit!

4.  Brit Bee 2 - Diamond Nipples

This one is kind of out of my hands for the immediate future.  My block is made, but once the others head back my way, I am not one to hang around and will get those mega-blocks made into another BB smasher.  Well it's a plan!

So there we have my hopes for Q1, and I am sure I will start, and maybe finish a load more and have a bigger list in Q2!!

Sunday, 6 January 2013


I feel a bit bad about only instagramming my progress on the scrappytripalong.  Hectic times means that I have not fully synced all my tech, so the photos have been on my iPad, and blah-di-dah I have finally got my a*se in gear!

A week ago I decided to join in, I knew immediately I saw the first few blocks appearing on twitter/instagram that resistance was going to be completely futile and jumped in feet first.

Anyone who has been following me for a while will know that I love Denyse Schmidt and have been collecting fabric for a while; and to be honest, not really knowing what I was going to do with it, but knowing for sure that I wanted a full quilt of only and as much DS as possible.

So 36 fabrics pulled, excluding the reds, darker blues, and also some of my outright favourites that I've kept for best, and off I went!

If this is all new to you, this tute, this flickr group and this hashtag are all you need, and a big bit of floor space...

Easy blocks that come together nicely; I have even managed to get 6 more finished this evening, having packed up Christmas, done the washing, ironing and sorted all the school bags, PE kits, uniforms and lunch boxes this afternoon.  I was shattered, but I really wanted to increase my block count to 30...

Only 6 more blocks to go, but with school, work, swimming and life going back to normal tomorrow, this will definitely be on my FinishAlong list for Q1-2013.