Monday 30 April 2012

3 is the magic number...

So another week and another Zakka project under my belt.  Rain-induced productivity yesterday at its best!

Fortunately I was able to stave off the onset of rickets though today and enjoy a rather nice hour in the sun this afternoon and I got some photos taken at the same time, bonus.

My deviation from the Zakka Style pattern was to fussy cut my panel for the front rather than using 3 strips, but Kerry's full-on adaptation makes me kind of wish I had waited to see how she had interpreted the pattern.

Like Sheila, I can fit my regular glasses in, but my sunnies are too big, and as they seem to spend more time in my bag than on my face at the moment, maybe I will attempt a larger version with some wadding in the future.

You won't be surprised to know that the orange Heather Ross froggy one is mine!

I ended up using medium-weight iron-on interfacing as I was all out of lightweight, and that made for a little trickier turning-through, but it works. 

Again, the pattern was foolproof to follow, although I was having difficulty imagining how it all worked from the diagrams, but these are definitely something I can see me making for the girl's friends and teachers as birthday pressies and whisper it, Christmas gifts. 

Sunday 29 April 2012


Yesterday, having the choice of trimming more Retro Flower petals, urrrgh, or making something from start to finish; start to finish won!

I needed some happy sewing, because this weather is really starting to take its toll on me, I am getting grumpier by the day; I know it was sunny on Friday, but I was stuck indoors and that makes it worse!

So I opted for a double win - finally using some of my gorgeous Summersville fabric and the Keyka Lou padded pouch pattern I have been meaning to have a go at for ages.

I was going to use the black Summersville prints, but having pulled some flannel for the inner lining, I swapped to the turquoise without hesitation.

As with the wristlet pattern, this was really easy to follow.  Piecing was a breeze until the final joining of the exterior and lining.  We are talking at least 2 layers of wadding, interfacing, muslin, flannel and cotton layers to join without the circumference to run it round the machine arm.

I made the small version, so I am guessing that the larger sizes would be rather easier in comparison.

But look, boxed corners and flukily matching quilting...

A whole bunch of hardware I had forgotten I had, along with some perfect pink cord...

I swapped out the velcro from the pattern for the magnetic snap; I couldn't bring myself to stick a strip of the crinkly white stuff smack bang over those cute houses.

Lu challenged me to make something lovely before Retreat; something that wouldn't make her sob at the mess I'd made of her fabulous fabric, and I think I have succeeded; it made me feel happy and think of day trips and sunny holidays, even though the rain has kept on pouring.

In the absence of any sunlight, I turned to technology to make the pictures look nicer; thank you PicMonkey, you've done a nice job x

Saturday 28 April 2012

Goodness Gracious Me!

What can I say other than...
Thank You!!!

The result of the Canoe Ridge Creations Festival of HSTs was announced in the night, and when I got up this morning the blog post was there, but not there, in a 'Revert to Draft' kind of way - so although I wanted to get excited, I was a little anxious that Megan had posted in error and Brit Bee Constellation was really unplaced! 

Anyhow, a house clean, trip to the shops and a little sewing later, I checked again, and it's true! I am so happy to have come in 2nd place in the Viewer's Vote - you guys are the best! 

Congratulations to the ultimate winner Joanna and her mini-quilt top - she is a super talented sewist - have you been following the Sew Out Loud series? 

Well done Brit Bee ladies, I will spend the $50 Fat Quarterly Gift Certificate wisely and come bearing gifts at Retreat x 

Thank you all so much to everyone for your votes and word of encouragement, this was such a fun competition to be involved in; I better get my thinking cap on for next year's Brit Bee quilt eh! 

I mentioned I did some sewing today - I've cut into the Summersville... I'll show you tomorrow! 

I'm off to stick a rosette on the Constellation xxx

Friday 27 April 2012

In my humble opinion...

Today I am chipping in my tuppence-worth over at Diary of a Flutter Kat as part of the Good Etiquette for the Modern Blogger Revisited series.

Diary of a Flutter.Kat

So if you want to hear my views on life, the universe and everything, please go take a look.

Thank goodness it's Friday; although I think I am on a hiding to nothing hoping the weather perks up a little...

PS. My name tag arrived!  Phew!

Thursday 26 April 2012

The Postman doesn't always knock twice...

...he just leaves stuff under the mat or with those neighbours.

But deliver he has, well it is his job I suppose; I just wish he would deliver my FQ Name Tag to my partner, because otherwise I am going to have to make another one this weekend, grrrr!

Anyway, my absolutely wonderful Aurifil case has arrived from Italy, and the colours are so much more vibrant and amazing than I could have imagined when I was picking from the screen!

Yes, I did put them straight back in the case afterwards!
Thanks again to Lynne, Alex, Katy, Laura and Anna.

I also received the beautiful Stitch at Home book from Mandy...

I have mentioned Mandy Shaw before, she is one of the stitchery masterminds working behind the scenes with Kirstie Allsopp, which makes her great by default, but the fact that she designs and makes amazing things and is fantastic at everything, makes her someone I love knowing even more. 

There's also been this bundle of goodies from the fabulous Sunni, following the recent Farmer's Wife series...

And today I got access to the latest issue of Fat Quarterly.  There are so many excellent quilts and smaller projects in there I am going to have to have a good old think about what to make first.  Those twin baby quilts that I cut a while back may need to be re-thought, as honestly, I have no excuse for not making them a bit more exciting now!  Oh and if you subscribe, you may even spot a little picture of mine in there, thanks John ;)

So basically I am sitting here feeling really rather happy to say the least, even though the prospect of squaring up all the petals for my Precious Retro Flowers is filling me with a little dread for this evening!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Retreat Treats part 2!

Over the last week I have been playing with the treats; I sewed the final button on this morning, having pretty much swam back from helping at school, and now they are done.

I am really pleased with the results.  They are all subtly different, as well as the colour, because that's obviously different!

Mine is the orange one, and I won't show too much detail of the others now, so there is a little surprise left at FQ Retreat.

The Pretty Linen Pouch pattern is another of the more simpler ones in the Zakka Style book; the time consuming bit putting these together was deciding which embellishments to use or disregard.

I hope my, as yet unknown, swap group like them.

They measure up at 5.5" x 7" and I think I will be using mine for all my machine feet and gubbins that currently reside in the original classy little plastic bags that came with my sewing machine.

I'm still waiting to hear of the safe arrival of the name tag, then I will relax and probably make a few more bits for Retreat just for the fun of it.

And because it would be silly not to say anything... there's still just about time to cast your vote for your favourite HST creation over at the  Canoe Ridge Creations - Festival of Half Square Triangles x

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Pretty Please!

I had just posted my Winter Stitching Results last night, when I spotted that the Constellation quilt had made the final 10 in the Festival of HSTs!  Wooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!

So now it's down to the Viewer's Choice.

There's stiff competition for sure, and always Mr Random, but it's time to blatantly request your vote; you know the whole Brit Bee would be very happy if you did!

Can't remember what to look for?

This one, you know, the one I don't like to post about much!

I think I probably emailed most of you who commented last night, I even tweeted for goodness sake - I am in double figures now!

So please head on over and cast your vote, you have until tomorrow, 25th, midnight CST.  Megan and the blog hop ladies have done a terrific job, I feel so honoured to have got this far.

Great big 'thank yous' all round x

Monday 23 April 2012

Winter Stitching - Results Show!

Yesterday you got to see the 'where', now it's time to review the 'what'!

It was a BIG old list I posted way back when, and it's taken ages to locate everything, but I have had fun gathering the pictures to link up with Sarah and the Winter Stitching finale over at Fairy Face Designs.

FairyFace Designs

So without further ado, here's how I faired...

1.  Present for my now dearly missed Grandma's 90th birthday in November.

So happy I achieved this one xxx
2.  Man quilt for dear husband's birthday in November.

3.  Sonic Screwdriver case for sonny boy's birthday in November.

4.  Something pretty for the girls' birthdays in November.

5.  Something for my Dad's birthday in December.

6.  7 change trays commissioned by Mum's friends for Christmas.

7.  Duo QAL runner for Christmas at home and  8.  Matching Ayumi organizer basket.

9.  Another grand crafting gesture for our Christmas home!

10. Dead Simple table cloth for Mum & Dad's Christmas present.

11. Zip pouches/pencil cases galore for Christmas etc, including Mum, sister and teachers.

12. Finish my Mystery QuiltShameful, but I now have plans, honestly!

13. Learn to paper-piece properly and use my Kerry pattern(s) many times.

14. A Rainbow charm quilt.

15. A Denyse Schmidt quilt.  Retro Flower now started...

16. A Little Apples confetti quilt. Oops, sieve for a brain!

17. Complete my Brit Bee quilt (November Queen Bee).  Edited to say - please vote here!!!

Did I show you this one?  I forget!
18. Stay up to date with the Bee blocks.

January Brit Bee for Judith
January Brit Bee for Judith
February Brit Bee for Jennie
March Brit Bee for Ceri
April Brit Bee for Jo
Stitch Tease starter block
19. Use the hexies I have been mass producing!

20. Make at least one item a month from my crafty book/magazine collection/patterns bought.

Mollie Makes
Keyka Lou pattern

Modern Blocks book
Noodlehead Go Anywhere Tote Pattern
Zakka Style book

Leila's Leaf Pattern
21. Make at least one more 241 Tote.  Can I count the Go Anywhere instead?

22. Seat cushion cover for hubby.  Shush, I think he's forgotten, although I made him a regular cushion...

23. Be a New Year Swap Mama!

24. Run a Brit Fabric swap.  People keep beating me to it - it will happen though!

25. Lose weight, a lot of weight!  Um least said about this one the better!  I didn't get bigger ;)

18 out of 25 Successes, 3 Almosts and 4 Fat fails!

Well I don't think that's too shabby, especially if you add in all the other things I made that weren't on the list!

I also guest posted in a few places, and later this week I am taking part in Kat's Blogger Etiquette series, so make sure you pop over there and share your thoughts on this huge topic.

Diary of a Flutter.Kat

So there you go, an end to Winter, (ha, look outside!) and time to get listing for Summer!