Tuesday 17 November 2015

Full of cake...

Today saw the final instalment of the November birthday celebrations, and not a cake too soon!

Between all the calorific binging, shrieking and smiles of the last week I did manage to get my sewing area tidied…

Tomorrow I get to have a haircut and a few hours to myself, and then I can start thinking about Christmas!!!

PS. The work announcement was all over the News last week; our site is remaining, but in what guise is still to be decided, so I am not out of a job just yet, so watch this space xxx

Monday 9 November 2015

The dog ate my homework...

I actually have no excuses except 'life' to blame for my one-post-a-week presence at the moment!

Last week was draining and that wasn't just the weather.  Parents evening for the girls - both doing well, a day sorting pressies and then Thursday night's firework spectacular, complete with mud and brollies.  Dear son went hiking and came home with half the Downs caked over his waterproofs and boots, and pretty much all the sewing I did in the week was of the Scout badge variety.

Saturday, a rather cleaner boy went to Brighton Comicon with friends in his Steampunk regalia, and the girls went partying; I came down with some glandular-viral throat/neck thing.  I have plodded on and come out the other side, and today I finally attached my clamshells to My Small World, albeit upside-down; section 4 now complete…

My World is not as grey as this miserable dusk photo suggests!
The girls' presents have just been wrapped so we are all set for tomorrow's 9th birthday celebrations, which will probably commence c.5am.  Later in the week it's hubby's turn, son's parents consultation is after school tomorrow too and an office location announcement at work on Thursday is looking rather like bad news.

But there's a Pizza party and visit from my parents to look forward too at the weekend, and I have a parcel waiting me at the post office which I am hoping is my #schitzelandboominiquiltswap package, but could just be more pressies for others (I lose track!); I'll find out tomorrow.

So that's me in a nutshell.  So please bare with, it's not you, it's me xxx

Monday 2 November 2015

Weekend catch up...

Well Half Term is over, back to work and school today, fog, gloom and general feelings of bleugh!

But the weekend was good!

Halloween shenanigans, Bee blocks and an awesome Rugby World Cup final for a perfect Saturday.

Sunday was a TV-lazing day, although I did manage a little stitching; part 4 of My Small World now only needs the clamshells appliquéing and then I'll be able to piece the last couple of blocks together for that section.  Not quite the progress I has hoped for over the holiday, but hey ho.

Now we start the manic sprint to Christmas; one parent's evening tomorrow, and fireworks on Thursday not to mention the usual round of Scouts and Brownies this week; then we hit Birthday-silly season; I will spend next weekend wrapping and panic stitching!

Here's to a week of no surprises xxx