Thursday, 23 July 2015

Let the (fun and) games begin!

Last night we were out until late; the Year 5s had an awesome send off, so these three…

… were a little tired and more than happy to mooch about for most of today, meaning I got to stitch up these Amitié BOM beauties without resistance…

They are un-pressed, not wonky!
We also got to register for this year's Library reading challenge.  Guessing the first couple of books will be finished by the end of tomorrow, as, surprise, surprise, typical summer weather will be headed this way tomorrow.

Hey Ho xxx


  1. Sounds like a great first day of the holidays, we still have a day to go before we collapse! The forecast for here tomorrow is heavy rain all day - what a great start!

  2. What? Rain? Sounds so fabulous. I know you are tired of it but it sounds dreamy to me. Beautiful blocks by the way.

  3. I guess that means rain... a true British summer! And here I am thinking winter won't be here for much longer! We're never happy about the weather, are we?! Nice blocks though.....

  4. Gosh, they all look shattered - hope everyone enjoys the break from routine!

  5. doesn't seem a year from last year's library challenge. Is it record breakers for you too?

  6. Hope we get *some* decent weather of the next six weeks!


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