Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A lorra lorra Lolas*

* apologies if you are not of a certain age or nationality to get that!

I want to go on about the weekend, and the Medallions but I realise that you might not feel the same!  So moving on, slightly, I've got a FAL finish already, and I'm going to link back to Brit Bee.  Bonus.

For a couple of the teachers, Akela and one of the girls' friends, Lola pouches were on the cards and prepped a week or so ago and added to my Q3 FAL list.  Today, in a mix of productivity and anxiety I finished them all up!

I made them in the intermediate size that I'd calculated and made a few weeks ago, and the Tula Pink one was adjusted to fit the scraps I had; for the Forest School teacher, it was too good a print not to use.

OK, I admit I wrapped Akela's for this evening before taking a photo, sorry, but there is definitely another one in there!

I also made another last week, but had to keep it secret until the recipient, Sarah, opened it along with her medallion…

I used up the scraps that had accumulated on her medallion's travels.  As far as I am concerned, everyone needs a quilt with a matching pouch!

If you haven't made your own Lola yet, why the heck not!?  You can get Svetlana's pattern here.


  1. I absolutely love it my deary, and it was soooo thoughtful of you too, thank you xxx

  2. I'm saving the medallion posts until I can read them properly and enjoy them! Which forest school? Not the one where the lovely felicity Waters works?

  3. They're fabulous pouches and I love the one you made for Sarah!

  4. As I said before and your kids friends and teachers are the luckiest to have you make them a gift


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