Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Yep, I am getting the binding on the girls' Amsterdam Quilts.  Easy and pleasurable enough, the only thing I am having to do is make sure that they are finished together!

So it is one side of one, then one side of the other.

I will be at home all day tomorrow awaiting central heating chaps and a BT engineer, so I am hoping to get a lot more stitching done.  I have a lengthening To Do list, but these are my top priority right now, and hopefully a good distraction from the trials of modern life.


  1. Hope you have a productive day! Btw I found the 'geese' email. Jxo

  2. This might be a daft question, but do you use wadding as well if you use minty as a backing? Really hope the central heating and BT stuff get sorted soon!

  3. I'd love to know your choice on batting as well. I made a throw with just minky, it was soft and drapey. Very cuddly but not really warm. Would batting make it too stiff?

  4. Good luck with the heating and phone line!

  5. Hope everything got fixed today! Had to laugh at doing each side at a time but totally get it!!


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