Friday, 6 February 2015

Here comes the weekend...

Very glad to get this week out of the way!

Plans for the weekend include seeing my parents for the first time this year; they were over in New Zealand visiting my sister and brother-in-law since New Year and then stopped over in Hawaii on their way home.

Jealous?  Hell yeah!!

Then Sunday, after I have dragged the hoover round and ironed a few clothes, I will be plotting and planning, catching up with Bee blocks and other must-dos.  After that, hopefully getting time to play with this bundle of Cotton & Steel from Simply Solids

I have a little something in the works as part of the Simply Solids Blogging Team; fun fun fun!

Have a good weekend tout le monde; we have been told Monday is the big switch day from Virgin to BT Infinity internet, so let's see if they can manage to swap a couple of wires without another 2 week delay eh!?


  1. Sounds like good planning. Your parents trip sounds like a great one! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. ooh, love love LOVE the bundle, look forward to seeing the result! Home mum and dad had a great time - and that Sister is well

  3. Your mum and dads trip sounds fabulous. Love your c&s bundle

  4. Your mum and dads trip sounds fabulous. Love your c&s bundle

  5. Oh yes, I often do a wee side trip to Hawaii when possible *ahem*

    Yay for the Tulip finishes, and hope all heating and 'tinternet are fully resolved by tomorrow...

  6. Wow! Still having internet problems. Amazing. I'm a little behind so hopefully by the time I catch up reading your blog you'll be all wired up.


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