Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Welcome Wednesday...

Although the boiler man popped in for 5 minutes this morning, long saga finally (?) over, I was free to sew today.  No calls to BT, no sorting or complaining or chucking my toys out of the pram; just peace and quiet and me time !!

So I got on with two secret projects.  Some of this…

… and the quilt for my Mum's friend…

I have got as far as attaching the binding.  So pleased!  First time this year that I have managed over an hour of uninterrupted sewing, and not a second too soon.

I am slowly chipping away at my FAL list, my To Do list and my ooh sh*t I forgot about that list!  But heading in the right direction.  Roll on Half Term!


  1. you are breeding a boiler fear within me missus... quilt in progress looks interesting!

  2. Love the flying geese and squares blocks- trying to figure out how they'll look! Glad you got some sewing time, I'm SO looking forward to next week!

  3. The quilt for your mam's friend looks interesting - can't wait to see more! Hope the boiler is still working!

  4. Sounds like you are getting all your ducks in a row. I hope the good sewing vibes continue.


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