Monday, 9 February 2015

From the other side...

I think we are on the other side of the winter woes; the heating is going strong, and hey, here I am with the blue glow of the BT hub for company; apparently I am going really fast!!  We haven't actually received any notification that we have been connected, and myBT still says we are being switched on Wednesday, but that is somebody. else's. problem!

So I hope you had a good weekend; Saturday at my parents' was lovely, catching up, and pressies for all.  I came home with these goodies…

I love the tui and pohutukawa fabrics, and the magazine will be keeping me out of mischief the next time I get some quiet time to myself.  I also love that although my parents were half a world away, these were bought from Lyndy, whose blog I have followed for years, and whose shop is on my 'one day' list for when we next make it over to New Zealand!  Thank you M&D xxx

I'll show you what I got up to on Sunday tomorrow, when hopefully I'll have got a couple of decent photos.

Fingers crossed for a good week xxx


  1. I feel I should be singing 'It's a small world after all'!

  2. Your folks have great taste! Though I wonder were they thinking of your wee man on that front cover!!! Jxo

  3. Lovely gifts. The great thing about sewing is that you can find fabric related presents in any country, even if there is no fabric shop you can pick up a great magazine easily enough. x

  4. great fabrics - and lovely that your parents knew just what to get for you :-)

  5. bt hub, send it to me. Weirdly everything in our house is connected except my windows surface, and nobody here knows nor cares. I've tried everything, think it is time to find a friend. Ps love the fabric


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