Thursday, 5 February 2015

Round in Circles...

It has felt like I have been busy going no-where recently, but I am almost convinced that I can see a dim light at the end of the tunnel, if I squint, and stand on tip toes.

The chaps came back and fiddled with the radiators this evening and they have hopefully balanced things out a bit better.  We now have heat in all rooms - what a luxury!

So with the girls' quilts finished, and minimal enthusiasm for sitting at the machine in the evening right now, I am concentrating my efforts on my AmitiĆ© BOM blocks…

One down, four more prepped.  Good job I can feel my fingers again xxx


  1. What a lovely wee circle of sewing. Hope the fingers don't go numb with cold again.

  2. Ah can't beat a bit of hand sewing! Stay warm! Jxo

  3. Home without heat really sucks, I know. Hope you had hot water bottles! hugs x

  4. Sewing will be a pleasure now you can feel your hands. Enjoy the heat!!

  5. You have certainly had your share of home repairs lately. It's a beautiful block your working on.


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