Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lighthearted Lola...

I may be suffering from a heavy heart, but a little sewing yesterday (which actually took me all day), and a combination of Lighthearted, (Ayumi's so gorgeous new line for Kokka), and Sveltlana's pattern, I ended up with this…

Poor rainy day photography, I have resorted to the stairs for pictures, sorry.

This large sized pouch pattern is superb!

With a metal zip, a little silver leather patch, and natural Essex Linen with sneaky band of the floral inside, this was a labour of love.  Yes, I stitched half the zip in upside down first time, but there was limited swearing.

I need to play serious catch up with my AmitiƩ BOM, the next month arrived today, so I may be popping the hand-piecing in here, you know, to keep me motivated.

PS. Apologies if I owe you an email/reply, I'll be on it over the weekend, promise xxx


  1. Sweet make - I'm sorry you have a heavy heart, though. I've been pretty out of the latest news while at that big conference thingy. I hope tomorrow will feel better.xo

  2. Does the zipper tab thingy just hang down inside like that or can you bring it up to the outside? Curious as to why it is hanging down like that.
    Sewing is serious good therapy. Be well.

  3. Your pouch is adorable. I love that band of flowers on the inside, what a fantastic idea.

  4. So insanely cute, missus! xx

  5. I love that pouch! Good luck with the BOM catch up!

  6. You are always so good at putting fabrics together. Good luck with the catching up. x

  7. The pouch is lovely, and I have been thinking of all of the Brit Bee folks a lot this week.

  8. What a lovely little little pouch! I wish it would stop raining too so I can get some outdoor pics!

  9. I still want to make one of these bags. Your version is beautiful.


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