Thursday, 12 February 2015

Siblings Together 2015...

Over the past week, the Siblings Together stitchers, those in the Bees, those independently stitching and some of those wanting to contribute in any small way they can, have been bandying ideas about raising the profile of this wonderful charity once again.

Sadly there will be no early summer FQR for a grand handover this year, but that is no reason not to be involved in whatever way you can.

Maria has blogged here, and with a goal of 100 quilts before summer, Mary has come up with this gem…

… which I will be adding to my side bar was a constant reminder of things to be done!  Mary will also be guesting over at Lynne's blog over the weekend, so please make sure you check that out too.

If you haven't heard of this charity before, have a look at the posts above and let one of us know if you want to be involved.  Even if you are not up for any sewing, donations of fabric and wadding are more than welcome.  The flickr group is also full of information, requests and ideas.

Let's bust that target!


  1. Apart from donating financially the first year I've never got involved. Maybe this is the year I should get a quilt knocked up because they don't have to be mega huge do they? And it's not like I haven't got a bit of fabric.

  2. Loving the quilt-o-meter! I'm sure Bee Blessed will be donating again this year! Jxo

  3. Thanks for shouting! It would be amazing to have that many quilts to handover, lets get stitching!

  4. Thanks for the mention. Let's hope we get some more people inspired to join in.

  5. No FQR this year? I have two quilts that are ready for SB, is the address in one of your links?

  6. I'm sad about FQR, maybe there will be another event for me to come and connect with all of you instead? I will figure out how I can help from afar.

  7. So sad there's no FQR. This year. The siblings together group has touched so many generous sexists so I'm sure they will collect their 100 quilts.


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