Monday, 23 February 2015

Lola, L-O-L-A Lola, L-O-L-A Lo-la-ah!

I bought Svetlana's Lola pouch pattern as soon as I saw it!

A pouch, with binding - genius!

Needing to make a present for my sister's birthday, on Saturday I pulled out a nice little combo of fabrics, Priory Square, Cotton & Steel, Pat Bravo and Frances Newcombe prints…

This is an awesome pattern.  I only made the smaller size, but I want one, or two for me now.

I obviously finished the binding by hand; even with that, it was under a couple of hours in the making.

If you fancy a pouch pattern that is just a little bit different, and like having someone else do all the measuring and thinking for you, I can definitely recommend it.

I also finished up my secret C&S cushion (oops, did I say cushion!?), too, so not a bad weekend's work.

Back to the office today, kids in school, really looking forward to my day off on Wednesday!


  1. I love it! *adds the pattern to her 'wants' list*

  2. This looks such a neat pattern, I love how the binding hides the zip - am sure your sister will love it! I'm looking forward to tomorrow, we had an inset day today :/

  3. Lovely! Just one more day and you get a day off!


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