Friday, 20 February 2015

Nice end to the week...

Apologies for my absence last night - I'm sure no-one noticed, I was watching Eastenders too!

Well half term is almost over, and the sewing has been very limited, but I can live with that.  Today to counteract the doom and gloom, happy mail to put a smile on my face…

I had to re-subscribe to Quilt Now, due to an admin error when I cancelled my Love Sewing subscription, (just way too many clothes for me… ooh Matron!), so I took advantage of the Aurifil offer; and having won a small fortune £25 on the Premium Bonds earlier in the week, I had a mini-splurge on some of Ayumi's gorgeous Lighthearted from The Village Haberdashery.

They, at least, will play nicely together for sure.

Have a lovely weekend, see you on the other side xxx


  1. Nice thread to fabric co-ordination going on there!

  2. Nice stack, though I have to ask about the colours- is that a filter thing? The pink looks red!

  3. Have fun with that lovely fabric and thread!

  4. one of life's rich coincidences, I was wondering where I could buy some Ayumi's fabric. Thanks!

  5. Ooh lovely! Don't apologise for not blogging, I'm pretty sure not that long ago you said you weren't going to make yourself blog every day if you didn't want to, so no guilt required! :)

  6. ooooh that's a good combination of goodies!


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