Monday, 20 April 2015

The Mystery Deepens...

… or rather my 'To Catch Up' list lengthens!

I have been obsessing over my Betsy Travel Bag, not getting much further, fretting a little over my messy top-stitching, and hoping that with an empty house on Wednesday I will be able to get a move on.

The weekend was full of family and taking it easy, so nothing to show I'm afraid.  But the parcels got mailed, eventually today though, so watch out #UKminiswap partner xxx


  1. What's the best way to get better at top stitching? I don't know why I have so many problems with it.

  2. i think getting your speed right is key to topstitching, too fast and i make too many mistakes and too slow and the stitches end up squiffy, but then i'm not especially good at it myself!

  3. I think Sarah's right about topstitching and speed - I like a steady chug, that way I don't wibble wobble but neither do I go veering off! Love the BOM blocks - what's going to finish first, the sunshine or you?!


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