Monday, 27 April 2015


I finished it… just!!!

I battled through the layers, broke my foot pedal in the process, but made it to the end.  I may need to tidy up a few little bits, as my control via the start/stop button is a little lacking, but hey, you want to see it?!

I made a couple of alterations to the pattern; inserted a thick interfacing to the base to give it a little more structure, and did not attach the long strap slider in the end, because, to be honest, on all the bags I have made with a slider, once on, the slider has never been slid!  Having added thick fusible fleece to the main length for comfort, I attached a couple of non-wadded tabs to the ends of the long strap, to both increase the length, and also allow me to sew though the layers securely.  I didn't make it detachable, I didn't see the point.

My inside side lining panels are pieced, due to running out of the main lining fabric, but I like the look with the accent fabric.  I also didn't topstitch right the way round the ends, because of the bulk, especially at the inside pocket corners, which for me, made it impossible.

I love how it turned out, even if there are areas which, with a more powerful machine, I may have been able to improve upon.  But it is what it is, and I will use it with pride.

Its first over-nighter will be the Brownie Pack Holiday, I'm all about the glamourous lifestyle me!

Some deets for those who like to know...
Betsy Travel Bag - Kristi McDonough Schnitzel & Boo
Made with Cotton & Steel and Melody Miller linen (outer)
Quilting weight lining - C&S and Kona solids
Yarn Dyed Essex linen accent fabric
Pieced and quilted with Aurifil 40wt


  1. It's turned out brilliantly! Jxo

  2. yay, look at you go! This is one stunning over-nighter, beautifully done.

  3. Looks fab! I sympathise about the bulk layers. My machine doesn't handle them too well either and there are patterns I avoid because of it. Maybe we will win a juki lottery one day!

  4. It is awesome! I would love to make one but my current machine can't cope with the middle of kaleidoscope blocks so it won't manage this kind of thickness *sigh* Yours is so pretty though!!!

  5. That's one good looking bag...wanna make me one? **winks**

  6. Applause, applause for you for getting this bag finished.

  7. Wow, there is a LOT going on with this bag!! Well done! Now all the Brownies are going to want one....

  8. A very individual bag to be proud of. I am sure you will be the envy of everyone at Brownie camp with their boring, shop bought bags. x

  9. what a stunning bag - great great fabric choices, and it looks like a fantastic design :-)

  10. It's a gorgeous bag! Hope the Brownie sleepover goes well x

    P.S. You broke your foot pedal?!


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