Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Caught up...

I have caught up and even exceeded the #betsysewalong schedule with a little bit of evening sewing ce soir…

I even did some more topstitch ripping, about 5 times now, to try and get the front pocket looking more presentable; it's not perfect, but it is better than it was, so I won't be gritting my teeth each time I look at it!

I have made a few tweaks, only in the fabric selections, piecing some panels, as needs must and fabric dwindled, but I am rather pleased with my choices so far.  I may get a a little further tomorrow, but if the sun keeps shining, the conservatory will be too hot by lunchtime, cue a bit of lounging outside (listening to this year's round of builders and wood chippers).  But hey, it beats work xxx

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