Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Insides Out...

There were poorly people, hubby and daughter, my Betsy inside and outside stitched together and some time in the sunshine, turning my white bits pink!

I think this is the only thing from today that you need, or want, photographic evidence of…

I am hoping that Week 4 of the #betsysewalong will give some tips on joining the outer and lining together at the sides, because my first, and second attempts were not so good; I am hoping that trimming the bulk will see me right, but I daren't trim before I know it's as good as it gets!

I am not sure when I got so nervous about ploughing ahead!


  1. I hope no-one else gets poorly! At least your medallion is done! Jxo

  2. I'm hoping no one else comes down with whatever is ailing the others. Hurry and finish that bag because I want to. See it.

  3. And you're following instructions too - good girl!

  4. I hope everyone is healthy today! I also hope you didn't turn all your white bits pink...


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