Friday, 3 April 2015


Well one not-so-little-anymore boy was rather pleased to wake up and find that I had finished the binding on his quilt last night…

This was a super easy, quick and painless quilt!  100 x 6.5" squares to finish up with a 60" square cuddly blanket.

20 black and 80 of various Kona greens, stitched with a little Aurifil, (one of those perfect freebees you cannot remember where is came from ones), and backed with turquoise bobble Minky from Plush Addict.

Although I didn't quilt (again), I did bind because I think that looks so much better than doing the right-sides together and turn through option, also as that is my favourite bit of the quilting process, a bit of self-indulgence never goes amiss!

Good Friday has been spent getting all the chores out the way for the long weekend, being flummoxed by the TV trying to set up the internet, and a little Amitié BOM hand stitchery in front of The Book of Life on DVD.

Dear hubby has an Easter egg from his boss begging to be shared, so I am headed for a smashing weekend; hope yours is full of love and chocolate too xxx


  1. Fabulous creeper! And I'm with you on the binding too :-) Enjoy your Easter Rxxx

  2. Happy Easter! I sure like that cuddly blanket and it looks like your son does too.

  3. He looks very pleased with his creeper quilt! Have a brilliant weekend!

  4. Hope you have had a fabulous weekend

  5. Looks great, I have a small boy here who would love one of these too.

  6. Look at how happy he is! You are such a super mama.

  7. That is AWESOME! My boy would love that. I need to dust off the sewing machine!


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