Tuesday, 14 April 2015


I know I may have been coming over a bit distant, with all the short blogposts and minimal commenting.  My response rate to emails has been shocking also, but please it is nothing personal!

Keeping up with everything has been a bit of a juggling act of late, but it's all good.  I even got a bit of sewing in on the weekend, and no-one complained, starved or got lost!

Here are the blocks I whipped up for Cindy's round of Stitch Tease…

Oh too much sunshine!

Bright crosses on LV background to make an 11 3/4" block - yep there may have been a panicky moment when I measured the assumed 12 1/2" blocks at the end!!

I also finished up some more secret sewing today, and tomorrow will see me finish up the #IGminiswap extras, and be free to crack on with my Betsy Travel Bag - woo hoo!!!


  1. Pretty blocks! Hope you enjoyed that sunshine :)

  2. Lovely wee blocks! There can never be too much sunshine!! Jxo

  3. The cross blocks are lovely! I hope life is settling down and you don't have to do any more juggling xx

  4. Fun blocks, bet the quilt will be fab! Loving the sunshine!!!

  5. I am so with you on the overcommitted part of life and blogging. So if I don't comment it's nothing personal I just have a scrambled brain these days.


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