Thursday, 30 April 2015

From the boy...

Stitching up a birthday present for a girl friend, not a girlfriend, who is having a Disco party in a couple of weeks.  Dear son asked her for her favourite colours and so I am hoping to finish turning this…

…into a pretty little Anna pouch this evening.  Svetlana is on a roll of awesome pattern releases at the moment, so do pop over for some beautiful inspiration.


  1. oh my!!! I so love the fabrics you chose, this will be one gorgeous pouch.

  2. aw. good for DS. i'm sure the girl friend will love it.

  3. Scary thoughts when those girl friends become girlfriends. But for me the scarier thought would be the boy friends transition.

  4. Hope the-girlfriend-who-isn't-a-girlfriend likes it, and appreciates the work that goes into such things!!!!

    1. You've had another productive month. Enjoy your weekend away


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