Friday, 10 April 2015


Well if the news/weathermen are to be believed, we took our lives in our hands to brave the outdoors today and spend a couple of hours in the park!  Fresh air may have been in short supply, but the kids had fun on their bikes, and I was able to do a little AmitiĆ© BOM stitching…

When we got home I finally got round to making the bias strips I had planned on prepping a few weeks ago.  I always get round to things eventually!  I didn't take any pictures but they turned out rather well.

I ordered some Aurifil 40wt for my Betsy Travel bag too, so I have parked that project until it arrives; I figured the slightly thicker thread, in 2310, creamier than my usual 2021, and some new heavy-duty needles will see me right.

I have a list for the nest few days, Bee blocks and other 'must-dos', it's all good.

Have a great and smog-free weekend everyone xxx


  1. Loking good! NOW I can be smug - I have another week off :-)

  2. Lovely block! Are you using EPP to stitch them? I have joined the BOM late and am just about to start mine


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