Thursday, 23 April 2015

Betsy Binding...

Getting there!

There are so many layers in this bag, the corners were never going to be pristine and sharp, I am resigned to that now, and I know that when I am not looking at the problem areas up close, I won't notice or be niggled so much.  That's the plan!

So it looks like I am heading for a weekend finish. Woo hoo!

Well my #ukminiswap parcel is still residing in a local delivery office, so I am hoping that my partner is able to pick it up soon, I am getting nervous about whether she will like it!  I am trying not to think about what is coming my way too, I have concentration issues at work enough as it is!


  1. Adore the fabrics you've used and that does look like a lot of layers!!

  2. I love the colours! Hope your mini gets released from the delivery office soon!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see the whole thing, I'm likely to want to make one myself!


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