Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Making Is Over!

All the things that I had to make for Christmas are made.  I know, I didn't actually have to make anything, but it feels so good to want to make things and be able to get them done with time to spare!

Firstly a quick key fob for dear son, as he was incredibly jealous when he saw the one I made for his teacher; then a man-scarf for dear husband; it's half the length of my favoured infinity scarf, so no wrapping required, some tweedy looking poly-woolly affair from the local sewing shop (coming up trumps), and lined with some AMH silver voile; and the last of the man-gifts, one of Svetlana's Two In One zipper pouch for my Dad; Echino, some Indelible and Architextures, I'm hoping it will make an acceptable travel-accessories-holder type affair…

That was this morning.

This afternoon, two more Two In One pouches for the girls.

I super-sized the pattern to finish at 10" x 7" folded.  I had fun picking the fabric combos, which will match the contents come Christmas Day…

Happy me, and a happy family will just be an added bonus!


  1. I think I hate you!

    P.S. Blogger ate the first version of this comment...maybe it's trying to tell me I'm not as funny as I think!

  2. All lovely. You have done so well with your makes. Now enjoy the rest of the run up!

  3. What lucky family members you have this year! All gorgeous! Jxo

  4. such gorgeous makes. Love the super sized pouches. Great idea!!!

  5. Congrats on finishing a week ahead. This will give you time to
    1. Clean up sewing area
    2. Bake some goodies
    3. or, sew something for yourself.

  6. Nice! I've just finished 6 of the 2 in 1 pouches and was thinking about super sizing too.

  7. It is a wonderful feeling when it is all done. I am already working on birthday presents for January now. You could make yourself something lovely now too. x

  8. Everything looks so beautiful. The two in one pouch has peaked my interest. Is this your design? Is there a pattern for it?

  9. It's fun to have time to make extra gifts. This pouch is on my to do list too


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