Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Gifts for others...

I am so glad I got most of the teacher gifts made a while back, because time is definitely going by at lightening speed.  Today's hit list included, the only male teacher gift, an obligatory key fob using my lovely new pliers for the first time…

… and 3 mini-needlebooks for the Cub and Brownie leaders…

Anything to bring joy to the prospect of sewing on those badges!

I also made a pincushion for my Brit Bee Secret Santa, and a cracking good start on a commission.  No sofa time nor Christmas cards written, but hey ho, ho ho.

I am now down to 5 family pressies left to make, all of which will be handed over on Christmas Day, so in theory, I have another fortnight, which makes me feel slightly better.

Speaking of which, your comments on my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway have had me both panicked and relieved!  If you haven't already, don't forget to enter xxx


  1. We have a fortnight? That makes me feel a little better about the two presents I still have to make. I don't feel the same about all the other things I have to do/buy though!

  2. Only 2 weeks?! Yikes! I haven't started my family present makes yet! Jxo

  3. Time zooms by at this stage doesn't it! I am sure they will love the gifts, most people have tatty, old needle cases which never get replaced. I was hastily sewing cushions today and some lavender sachets sets for my book group gifts tonight. It would have been a happier process if my 17 year old didn't have a meltdown while I was trying to concentrate. x

  4. Och there's ages to go! Loving the fob, hope it satisfies the male teacher


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