Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Making the garden grow...

Some more tulips landed on the mat today, so here are they, along with those I received last week…

Thank you Trina, Val, Jenn and Annabella xxx

Just awaiting 2 more packages, which I believe are in transit, and then the girls' quilts will be within sight!  I've made no promises that they will be ready for Christmas, but looking back, I seem to have a record of being pretty productive between Christmas and New Year, when the pressure is off, so here's hoping.

Tomorrow I am planning on cracking on through my To Make list, but with the wind howling, rain beating, I am currently thinking the sofa, TV and writing Christmas cards option would be quite a pleasant way to wile away the quiet hours!


  1. Aw these are so pretty! The storm has arrived here! Stay safe! Jxo

  2. lucky lasses, these quilts will be beauties! now whats darling son getting?!

  3. You've got some real beauties now :) Looking forward to seeing the quilts come together.

  4. it would be fun if say they went to bed as "normal" and woke up with tulip quilts on their beds!

  5. Oh yay! Glad they arrived to you safely :). I like post-Christmas sewing too!

  6. Lovely, looks like your flower garden is growing nicely, despite the chilly weather :o)


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