Monday, 1 December 2014

Just say No-vember!

November was all about the purses and pillows, apparently!

Linking up with Fresh Sewing Day is sometimes a pleasant surprise, and November is so full of family celebrations and preparations that it's a complete shock I actually have anything to show you, it all went by in such a blur!

But this has to be my favourite finish of the year really…

Yes it has become one of those cushions that makes our bed look pretty in the day, and gets moved to the foot of the bed at night, but I can sooooo live with that!

So now it's December, and panic is really setting in.  My 'must make' list is not too bad, 2 Hudl cases, 4 'man' gifts and a cushion, but school/Cubs/Brownies stuff has gone into overdrive so freetime pretty much only means 10pm to 6am from now until the 17th.  Next year, everyone gets smellies and socks from M&S!


  1. Lovely work, still most impressed with the boots!

  2. Lots of things finished. I love that pouch with three or four zippers. Overall favourite is the Jenn Kingwell (inspired) cushion!!

  3. Lovely makes! No wonder that is your favourite make of the year, it is stunning!!!
    So I'm guessing you will be skipping sleep until the 17th?

  4. All fab, but i can see why the cushion is your favourite make, it's stunning!

  5. All fab and the cushion really is beautiful!

  6. You have been busy. I was impressed by the boot alterations and think that the cushion is beautiful. Di x

  7. You were busy in November, and sound even busier for December! Well done you!

  8. The cushion really is outstandingly gorgeous. x

  9. my favourite is the tula pink pouch, but the cushion runs a really close second. Good luck with the hyped up cubs and brownies.


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