Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Grand Day Out...

I have just ticked today's job off the list, decorating the tree and scattering a few other festive bits and bobs about the house, so I am feeling all Christmassy, especially as I came home from a day out with a couple of sacks full of goodies…

I popped over to Plush Addict for the afternoon, to meet up with Katy, have a good natter, buy some things on my list, dimple fleece for the girls' Amsterdam quilts with matching Flurry for binding, some Odif spray and a cushion insert for my Dad's birthday.

OK, so after that I may have also bought the Moda Building Blocks pattern, to be given back to me at Christmas, a Moda scrap bag of what turns out to be Bonnie & Camille's Daysail, (hello - February 2015 release, no wonder I couldn't work out what it was!), and because it would have been rude not to, another meter of Sunday Clippings in quilting weight cotton.  No photos yet, as it was near dark by the time I was home, but I need to get some snaps to share of all the things that have come my way this week, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

If you live anywhere near Edenbridge (Kent), I can thoroughly recommend trying to get along to one of their Open Days.  I had never been before, but as it is only an hour away, I think I may be making future trips!  It's a warehouse, full of fabric, what more do you need to know!?

Kellie was a lovely host, living the fabric dream; Katy and I even got to share the staff's lunch, including the most amazing sausages ever!

Being the generous lady that she is, Katy also handed over some fabrics for my next Quilt Now commission, I just need to choose which beautiful bundle to use, hard life!

So that was my Saturday; Sunday will be more of the normal stuff, washing and ironing with the rubbish old iron, (still waiting for Russell Hobbs to get back to me about the other one), and finishing my Dad's pressie, I may even write a Christmas card or 2.  It's not all quilting superstars, free lunches and pre-release fabric you know xxx


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! Plush Addict is my favourite fabric shop, but I live too far away (Norfolk) to go to their open days, it sound like you had a wonderful time.

  2. I think I just ordered from Plush Addict for the first time ever as they had the perfect backing for Chiefs quilt!

  3. Sounds like the perfect day. Sorry you have to come back down to reality today!

  4. I was lucky enough to get to a Plush Addict open day in the summer as I was en-route from Northumberland to France. It was definitely worth breaking the journey for :)

  5. I love Bonnie and Camille fabric and am very jealous indeed with all of your stash. The open day does sound wonderful. x

  6. Wow it all sounds fab! I'm from Kent originally and never been to Edenbridge...I must try to get there next time I visit!!

  7. I've just finished making something with an order from Plush addict, all ready to snuggle under tonight, was good to see a few glimpses of the shop on IG

  8. I just got a Kona card from Plush Addict this weekend, it was the best priced one I've found.


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