Thursday, 4 December 2014

Any excuse!

I had loads to tell you about today, but I have just found out via Watchdog that my iron needs to be re-called as it is potentially lethal!

OK, not lethal, but liable to burst into flames!!  So I am off to investigate what to do.

Thankfully I do have an old serviceable one, so I will be able to get on with making binding for my Dad's cushion over the weekend, (and maybe do some shirts that have been waiting for attention for over a week).   I'm just glad I finished pressing the voile and velveteen for my latest project just before the programme.

Can't leave you without a blurry picture…

Tonight was the switching on of the Christmas lights in the village, along with a lot of free sweets, mince pies and carol singing; a little bit of fun on a drizzly freezing evening.


  1. Sounds like you had a lucky save there Hadley, would have been terrible to have all that voile veleveteen go up in smoke!

  2. I hope the shirt ironing doesn't take up too much time!

  3. Hmm, spontaneously combusting irons are less than desirable...

  4. Scary about the iron and glad you saw watchdog!


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