Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ready or Not...

After a relatively calm weekend, I know things will be ramping up a gear from tomorrow, so I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone of you who pops in and reads this little blog, a Very Merry Christmas...

I am not going to be blogging for the next week, but will pop back in before New Year with tales of presents, panto and Christmas pudding.

Have a good one everyone xxx


  1. Lovely picture, I so enjoy reading your blog, have a great holiday, Happy Christmas, Sue.

  2. Have a lovely time with the family!

  3. Merry Christmas, and enjoy your break.

  4. Hope it was a good one! Had to laugh a bit at the last post, UPS delivered a parcel to completely the wrong address, then the driver had the arrogance to say that he 'worked round here all the time' and that my address didn't exist. Google Maps in street mode proved otherwise, as it beautifully shows the whacking great sign the council put on the side of the building pointing to the door...


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