Sunday, 2 November 2014


I have had a super sewing day; the weather helped by making everyone more than contented to just veg out, (and leave me alone!).

I got 3 birthday gifts ticked off dear son's birthday list, and I am feeling rather pleased with myself.

First was a pillow case; on the PGL kit list, and a simple make following this tutorial; nothing fancy, and there may even be a possibility that the young chap will be able to get the pillow inside himself!

Then another requirement for the trip, a named purse.  Well, trying to make it more fun than feminine, I think I've pulled it off…

And then finally, an Iron Man hudl2 case.  Using another of Kristy - Quiet Play's awesome free patterns, lined with flannel and backed with more of today's favourite, I am hoping for bonus mummy points for this…

I still need to get 3 goodie bags made for the girls' sleepover on Friday, but the pressure has been relieved somewhat, and I can cope with taking a few hours out of my day to go back to work tomorrow.



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