Friday, 14 November 2014

Children In Need...

An evening in front of the TV with Pudsey…

… and as if hoovering up loom bands wasn't enough, we have now added Beados/Aqua Beads to the mix.

All craft is good… mostly!


  1. Do kids still have Hama beads, minute plastic tubes put on a peg board to make a picture and then ironed. I'm sure I hoovered up half a landfill site over the years with those but all the kids loved them, boys and girls.

  2. I still have gallons of hema beads but these others are new to me - gosh I feel old!!!

  3. You know if you were really the best mummy in the world you wouldn't be hoovering them up, but lovingly picking them off the floor ;o) Of course my mum made me do the hoovering for the whole house, so perhaps I had more of a vested interest in it lol

    Catching up, congrats on the win, love the cushion and happy birthday to everyone


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