Thursday, 20 November 2014

Worst photos ever!

A friend at work has a big birthday on Saturday; so big she should be retiring, she isn't, but is spending the weekend at Belle Tout, the lighthouse from Love and Lives of a She-devil, the one that got picked up and moved further inland, and was probably on Blue Peter or something!  (All meaningless words to my non-middle-aged Brit friends, but check the website if you like).

Well her love of lighthouses was mentioned a few weeks ago, and just before I left work today I remembered that I had planned to make a pressie; doh!  So a quick sketch from what I could remember of the pattern I saw in Patchwork 318, and a diversion via Eclectic Maker on the way home, and I was sorted.

Ta da!  A lighthouse cushion…

Awful photos, dreadful light; the background is actually a lovely pale blue; Architextures in Lake, if you know it.  (I hurried past the Doe, totally gorgeous!).  Anyway, the white is a new-to-me super find of Stephanie Ryan Modern Roses, Haze in Flax, soooo perfect!  A bit more Carolyn Friedlander for the light beam and the last of a Boo Crew bolt of Flyscreen; they all look so, so much better in real life!

I just winged/wang/wung the piecing, sewing the strips, trimming into shape, sewing the diagonals on a wing and a prayer; I could have made some paper-piecing templates, but I didn't have the time, but I am rather pleased with how it worked out anyway...

This is no more true to colour, but the best of a bad bunch.

I didn't use wadding, but simply lined the front panel with white cotton; I topstitched each seam, securing the pressed to the side seam allowances for a bit more strength, it looks good too, sorry you will have to take my word for it!

There is also a little strip of the yellow as binding across the envelope back, which is a grey home-dec weight.  It measures up just shy of 16" square, and is already wrapped for work tomorrow.

I had fun with this, and as ever, I am rather surprised at what I can achieve when I have to!


  1. Totally brilliant! As is your vocab!! Jxo

  2. Done good. Clever cookie you are.

  3. What a great gift and a testament to wing/wang/wunging it :)

  4. oh I loved that book. I read it whilst I was in hospital for 5 months (yes months) whilst having my twins.
    great cushion.

  5. Looking great, what a lovely gift for someone leaving... Creativity wins!

  6. I am super impressed that you can run up something so amazing at such short notice, I can spend hours just getting everything altogether. This will probably be her best lighthouse present ever, also probably her best present his year seeing as it is handmade.

  7. Created a design, a gift and some new words - you're on a roll! Xx

  8. You are just the kindest friend. There is no end to your creativity. All you do for your friends and go workers, I sure hope never goes unappreciated. I just got caught up on your birthday whammy of a week.


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