Thursday, 27 November 2014

All the pretties...

In the exhaustion of driving home in thick fog and the 2mph M25's post-incident crawl last night, I couldn't muster the energy to photograph my haul from the US of A, so here you go…

I was so reserved, but the thought of Terri having to explain to some poor airport worker why her suitcase weighed 2 tonnes, kept me sensible!

I did treat myself though, after years of using the manky pliers from the toolbox to make key fobs, I got a proper pair!

I had actually forgotten that I had ordered them (you know how it is, when you put things in and take them out of your shopping cart over and over again, it's a lovely surprise to see what you ended up with!).

I have another parcel headed this way courtesy of Mrs Knotted Threads, so I think I will be avoiding the Black Friday panic buying.  However my Inbox keeps filling with tempting offers, so I am almost glad that I am at work and then helping with Brownies tomorrow night… almost!

Happy Thanksgiving my US friends x


  1. Oh the guilt of ordering as much as I did. Your restrained pile is very beautiful.

  2. Oh I really like the look of those pliers! Jxo

  3. You were very restrained! I don't actually think I want anything in the Black Friday sales. I've looked, but, meh, nothing's grabbed me. Proof that I'm definitely 'not right' right now perhaps?!

    Glad you had a great time with Terri and co, nutter on the boots, loving the blocks so far (sorry, I will get to mine this weekend I promise), and lots of great gifts abounding there.

  4. Gorgeous goodies. I may have some heading to me from overseas (and keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be stopped by customs!) x

  5. Enjoy your lovely new fabric and pliers!

  6. Thank goodness you left space in Terri's suitcase for the rest of us to fill up! Di x

  7. Honestly, I think it was the M25 and the general UK traffic situation that drove us to move to Jersey! Glad you got home, eventually and it sounds like you had a wonderful day so it was all worth it. Love those fabrics and hooray for more key fobs, they are gorgeous, and I still treasure my FQR one x


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