Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ins and out...

Double incoming lovely mail this morning, my month as Stitch Tease queen bee has started to reap wonderful rewards...

These from Di, with the added bonus of some scrummy sounding strawberry and rhubarb jam from Dr Kyle and his new misses' wedding.

And these from t'other Di

The girls are thrilled, and realise that they are actually going to be getting a big quilt each sooner rather than later!

Thank you ladies, they are perfect xxx

Outgoing was this little Baggy Pouch, stitched up after lunch in time for the girls to take and gift at their friend's birthday party at 3pm…

Yes the latest in a line of high-pressure/short deadline makes this week; stuffed with chocs, hoping it will be loved.

I also made another couple, but no photos as yet, soz xxx


  1. They are going to have fabulous quilts

  2. That reminds me, I forgot to apologise for the join in the stem - I didn't read the pattern first and had no bit of green left that were long enough!

  3. Just wondering- where do you get your energy from? I need some of that!

  4. The girls are going to have such gorgeous quilts! I'm so excited to see them finished!

  5. These blocks are gorgeous, they really are going to make an amazing quilt. x

  6. catching up on blog reading, these are going to "bee" great bee quilts. And a pouch with chocolates, whats not to love....

  7. Lovely blocks from the other Di. Glad you liked the jam and my blocks too. These are going to make two fab quilts for the twinnies


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