Saturday, 15 November 2014


Well today started with spilt milk, all over the conservatory floor.  So impromptu mopping whilst I had a million other things actually on the list, did not make for a happy me.

Then there was organising enough clothes for the 10yr old-to-be to wear for a week, in all weathers and definite mud.  If the weekly plan that the school received gets altered, then who knows what he'll be wearing; raft-building gear for fencing?

Apart from packing the few things that are still a bit damp from the wash, and the pressies he is getting a day early tomorrow, I think my work is done.

So mid-afternoon, after shopping for the early birthday lunch, I started wrapping presents.   New trainers, needed for Monday, one size 3, one size 4!!!!!!!!!!!  WTF!?

So frantic phoning the shop and other branches, I located a pair similar enough and in an actual matching pair, hence a 30 mile round trip to exchange and then back home to carry on.

I hate days like these, but tomorrow will be a better day, I dare it not to be!


  1. OMG..the shoe thing is a real pain...all in all though you got it sorted...well done! Hope you treated yourself to something nice for that super mom moment!

  2. Some days just seem to go on and on. Hopefully you will have a lovely day on Sunday.

  3. I used to go shopping in charity shops for the school trips - then I could throw it all away after and not worry about washing all the mud off! Hope he has a great time


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