Thursday, 4 September 2014

Working blues...

I put in my 5 hours today; cleared down my Inbox, well almost, and came home.

I had plans to make my Stitch Tease blocks for Annabella this afternoon, but an unscheduled stop at the park on the way home from school, meant not enough time to get further than piecing the strips that will go on to make a pair of shattered chevrons

Now I love Annabella and I always try to do my best when making bee blocks, but I have to say, these are my worst nightmare.  They look simple, but involve thinking, with angled cutting (longer than my 12.5" rule) and create shedloads of waste if you are not careful.  Perfect bee block choice then!

There isn't as much variation in fabrics as I would have liked, but that is partly down to the construction, but shockingly, my stash of light to mid-tone blues is minimal.  It is not one of those colours I am drawn to; but I hope these will do the trick.

I hope to get them finished over the weekend.  This evening I am just going to close my eyes, to try and clear the headache that the first day back at work always induces xxx


  1. I think your stash has seen you proud!

  2. These look like the makings of lovely blocks in spite of the nightmares. Boo to returning to work.

  3. Now I'm scared. If this block was challenging for you I'm going to have an even more difficult time. I hope your headache is better.

  4. I might be postponing the making of these for a wee while then, I've been working too many late nights ;o)

  5. Looks fine to me! Sorry you are back to work....

  6. I cannot believe you started those blocks already. I have no intentions of getting to them until I have made August blocks and medallions, and done five blocks for Lynne that she is waiting for. You make me look bad!

  7. Oh, I've been there with bee blocks! They look better than what you describe - they'll be beautiful today when you look again without the head ache. xx

  8. Yikes-I'm scared now too! Your fabric choices are awesome. I'm hoping to get to these next week!


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